About Me

Hello! I'm Sierra. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, Christian, pet-owning, theatre-loving, book reading, church going, laundry hating, 30's-something woman. Much of my time is spent taking care of the little ones, attempting to keep up my house, and love on my husband.

Other things you might want to know --

  • Navy Brat and grew up along the states of the West Coast 
  • I call Washington State home
  • I attended Central Washington University and that is where I met my husband. You can read about that here.
  • After Ryan's graduation and commission we went to Tokyo, Japan for 4 years.
  • I completed my degree with a Paralegal Studies Major emphasizing in Alternative Dispute Resolution. 
  • Three weeks before I finished my final class for graduation, William was born.
  • The summer before we were to leave Japan we learned we were pregnant again
  • We moved to New Mexico where Alanna was born
  • While in New Mexico our son was diagnosed with a severe speech disorder known as Childhood Apraxia of Speech, or just Apraxia. He also has Dyspraxia as well.
  • Hubby was accepted to AFIT so we moved to Ohio, and hubby earned a Master's Degree in Applied Physics.
  • We are currently stationed at Lackland, AFB in San Antonio, Texas.

This blog is just a mix of whatever I decide to write about. At first this was a way for family to keep up with our lives since we don't live close-by, but now it is a great way to make connections, get information, and meet friends. You can find posts about my kids, therapies for my son, recipes, pictures, military stuff, and life in general.

Hope you enjoy!