Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Year Gone

It has been over a year since I posted on here.

This place used to be important to me. It's where I kept a history of our family life and shared some memories.

What happened?

I think I became bogged down in the whole "blogging" world and I was having a hard time focusing on why I did this in the first place. My blog started as a way to keep interested family and friends updated on our lives since we live so far away. I lost sight of that.

Now I'm not sure where I want to go with this.

I still love to write. I still want to share what happens with my family... but I think I want to take more precautions if I start again.

Since I don't want to completely delete everything I've written over the past 7 years and going back and editing all posts to change names and locations seems very daunting I'm not sure what my plan will be.

I might just have this closed to specific audience.

I might stop posting here and just start a new blog from scratch with PERSEC as a high priority.

Then again, I might post this and then write nothing again for an indefinite about of time.

So, until I figure things out, here's a bullet point list of big developments from the past year:

  • After a year of planning I went on a major month long road trip with my best friend and our combined 5 children hitting up almost all of the Western United States
  • I enjoyed family time at Sea World and Aquatica with my husband and learning more about how daring and adventurous our kids can be
  • In the fall we took in 2 TINY foster kittens and eventually found them a new home
  • Will started 1st grade and Lana started Kindergarten
  • A friend needed somebody to take in her dog, so we did and are still hoping to find him a new, permanent home.
  • After fighting with the school (mostly administration) with treatment of my special needs child, both children were pulled from public school and I became a homeschool mom
  • For Halloween Will was a clown, Lana was a gray cat, and I was a ladybug
  • We stayed in Texas for Christmas and my MIL came down to visit and spend the holiday with us -- checking out Zoolights and Sea World Christmas
  • In January, we finally received an Autism diagnosis for Will which then began new therapies
  • We had a fun time at the Angel Fire Resort in New Mexico for their Military Winter Fest in February, despite the van getting stuck in the mud and having the front bumper ripped off when somebody tried to tow us out.
  • We celebrated birthdays and holidays and grew and changed.
Life happens. There's so much from the past year that I'm surprised how it all happened. It's like time speeds up and the years fly past.

This year has brought on it's own challenges. I won't go into them at this time, but I am thankful for my husband and my kids, our extended families, my friends, and the life I am blessed to live.