Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Because I know you are all dying to see my beautiful hard work...

Here are se pics of my kiddos in their "hand made by mom" Halloween costumes. Will was Peter Pan and Alanna was a teddy bear. I'm also including the pic of the costumes I made for a lady on base. Her son was Link from Legend of Zelda and her daughter was Sailor Moon.

Oh yeah... costuming in college as a theatre major has really benefitted my children.

And, honey, if you're reading this, don't you think these skills are worth all those financial aid payments???

Because I want to share -- I'm typing this blog on my brand spanking new iPhone 4s. So awesome, right?

And some additional fabulous news: we received news from the forshapping board and Ryan's job with the Air Force is secure for now. There will likely be more forshapping boards for years to come but we just have to tackle things as they come. Now we are just waiting to hear if he got accepted into AFIT or not and where our next station will be.

That all for now. I'm off to clean up my house. The base did trick-or-treating Sunday night so now I've got Halloween to put away. Be safe everyone!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bright and Shiny

I seemed to have done my Halloween song link last week so this week I'm going a different direction.

Yes, I'm still busy.

Yes, my sewing machine is still being overworked.

Yes, I'm happy doing this.

All-in-all, things are going good, just not much down time. Our DVR is loading up because I'm not available to watch shows with the hubby.

Anyway, my selection this week is "Bright and Shiny" from the movie "Bubble Boy" with Jake Gyllenhaal. It makes me crack up every time I see it.

The other week my sister and I were discussing her allergies and asthma and how she wants to be running her 5K's and stuff like that (I think she's crazy) but because of her lung issues her body doesn't want to do it. She'll be fine, but if somebody cuts the grass she's out of business.

I said she needs to run in a bubble and then busted up laughing. I was imagining her running a 5K inside a human sized hamster ball. She was imaging something similar to the Bubble Boy in the movie. Either way, can you see that in your mind? Runners in a 5K with this bubble in the midst?! Hilarious!

Linking up with Goodnight Moon.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Sew Busy

I'm still busy and will likely be distracted until the end of the month.

My poor sewing machine is getting a work out and I've been stabbed by my needles more times than I care to remember.

Alanna's costume is complete, thank goodness... but I'm still at a loss for what to do with William. And then today I got a letter from his school that they are doing Storybook Day on Monday and he's to dress as his favorite story book or fairy tale character. I'm glad that I haven't fully decided on his costume because I'd rather just kill two birds with one stone. Yeah?

Before I get started on his costume I still have to finish 2 other ones that I'm getting paid for. The one costume is coming along quite nicely though so I'm hoping it'll be done quickly.

But here's the thing... I've got to get all these costumes done by FRIDAY! Our church is having Harvest Fest on Friday so Will needs something to wear. I guess I actually have a bit longer for those other 2, but I'm trying to get them done sooner.

So that means I will not be spending much time blogging.

For now I will report that Will had another appointment today and the doc is happy with his progress. He is no longer considered "underweight"!!! He is now appropriate to his height!

Alanna has an appointment next week for her well baby check up. I'm sure she'll pass with flying colors.

What else...

Will's finger is healing alright... Ryan passed his PFT... I can almost put Lana's hair in a ponytail...

I'm just kinda busy. Leave me comments to make me happy when I take a break!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Seeing Thunderbirds

I was glancing through my blog posts and realized I never shared about seeing the Thunderbirds perform!

There was an Air Show going on at the beginning of October. I really wanted to go! The Air Force Thunderbirds were going to perform and I'd never seen them*. I mean, as I was growing up in California my dad was stationed at San Diego and we'd watch the Blue Angels practice over our house all the time. But the Blue Angels are Navy and I wanted to support my Air Force.

The actual "Air Show" started early in the day but we went to church, came home for lunch and then Lana took a nap. I had decided I would just take Will and Ryan could stay with the sleeping Alanna since he'd already seen the Thunderbirds several times.

In the end Alanna woke up so Ryan decided we would all go.

After parking, riding the bus, standing in line and walking all the way to the static displays it wasn't long before the show started. I thought it was fun. Alanna did not like how loud they were and would bury her head in Ryan's chest as he'd cover her ears. Will seemed to enjoy them when he could see them, though the sun was in a bad spot and made it difficult to see the aerial demonstrations. The sun was beating down so we parked ourslves in the shaded area behind a dumpster (that did NOT smell!!) to watch.

Since we came so late we basically missed all the other things that were going on at the Air Show. The plane displays, talking with the pilots, the children's center, all that other fun stuff... food. Oh well. I'm sure we'll have plenty of additional opportunities to see the Thunderbirds and other Air Shows.

Now I'll show some pics. I did some minor editing (zooming in) but other than that they are SOOC.

since Alanna was being held, Will decided to claim the stroller and hydrate... with Lana's juice.

She was holding on to him SO tight when the planes came by

the wind was blowing a bit so ignore the flyaway hair

*That statement is only partly true. The day before the Air Show I heard loud planes overhead. Since we live near an airport that wasn't uncommon. But they sounded like jets! So I run to the back door and see the Thunderbirds practicing over our house! I showed Alanna and she would point and laugh. Reminded me of when I was little...


Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's been keeping me busy

It's been about a week since I've done a real post.

Somewhat intentional... but I've been busy!

At the end of last week (Thursday) William was sick. He was running a fever and major runny nose, lethargic, all that jazz. He missed Hippotherapy and had to stay home from school Friday. Saturday he seemed pretty much back to normal so Ryan and I took a date night. I was able to use my free steak card for Outback and then we saw "Courageous" at our favorite theater.

Wow. That movie was amazing. I has you in tears, then belly laughing and back to tears all in the same scene. It was very well done and I'm happy I was able to see it with hubby, even if the theater was packed and we ended up sitting all the way in the back corner and he had some distracting teens sitting by him.

Sunday night it seemed Will was possibly getting sick again with the gagging and coughing in the night so I kept him home again on Monday... but he was fine. In fact, that little turkey took an entire bottle of baby powder and spread it all over his room. I. Was. NOT. Happy.

As I was vacuuming the powder, the vacuum gave up. When Ryan came home I had him mess with it. We cleaned the filter and washed out all the main parts to this few months old vacuum and it worked fine so I finished my cleaning.

On Tuesday I hosted a successful Scentsy party. I had a grand time baking and preparing! When the ladies showed up I had a wonderful time chatting and eating and smelling some lovelies with them. I will say that I have made some amazing friends here at Kirtland!

Oh! And one of the special treats I made for the party was some pumpkin-cranberry muffins! Now, I am not a pumpkin-type person. Usually I avoid pumpkin things (except maybe pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks). Last year when we went home for Christmas we visited Ryan's aunt up in Port Townsend. She had made these muffins and offered them to us as I explained I didn't like pumpkin, but obliged in consuming one... I'm so glad I did! They are YUMMY! And then, Will began eating some as well. This was back during a time when Will wasn't eating anything but waffles.

Anyway, they were a hit at the party.

The other thing that has been keeping me busy is my sewing. Today I finished Alanna's Halloween costume. She's going to be a little brown bear with a white tummy and purple bow on the head. It's adorable on her, though slightly big. I am hoping to make Will's costume as well, though I'm not exactly sure what it will be yet, but I have other projects in front of that. I'm making 2 costumes for a lady on base. I was going to start on them today but something came up...

As I'm typing this I recently returned from a trip to Urgent Care with William. I had been cleaning out the van and he was chilling in the front seat playing with the dog. Ryan then comes home, parks beside us and then I close the garage. It was time to load up and head on out to Hippotherapy. Will was still in his rubber boots from playing outside and I was in house slippers so I quickly ran in the house to grab our shoes. Ryan had also left the garage. As I'm heading down the hall we hear screaming. Both of us bolt to the garage and Ryan gets to Will first as I'm entering the laundry room. Blood all over his hands.

We rush to the bathroom where Ryan says it's coming from his wrist but I can obviously see it is not. It was his finger. After washing it off while the blood was still pouring out we can't really make out how bad his injury is. Of course he's crying the whole time, poor boy. He had smashed the top of his ring finger on his left hand between Ryan's car door and my car door when he tried to get in "daddy's car".

What I wanted to do was to just bandage up his finger, keep it clean, and watch it... but continue on out to his therapy. Ryan wanted us to take him to Urgent Care. I obliged since it was true we weren't sure if his nail was broken off or if he needed stitches or what.

I called Hippotherapy and explained that we would not be there (again), Ryan got TriCare approval for Urgent Care and stayed home with the sleeping Alanna. He had to study for a test this evening which is why he was home at that hour of the day.

Thankfully it was a fairly short wait at the hospital! Only one person in front of us. When we finally get to the back they have me soak Will's finger to clean it off. The doc looks and it and says the nail is still attached but will likely fall off once his nail grows out more. It is already a nasty purple-black color underneath. The cut along the fatty part of the side of his finger was not small, but not large enough or deep enough to warrant stitches. Then they sent us off to radiology for an x-ray of his finger.

Will took it all like a champ and would just say "owie" when somebody touched or moved his finger in a way he didn't like it. And he also didn't like band-aids being put on or removed and would somewhat fight that. Once they were on or off he was fine though.

The doc said his x-rays looked fine and sent us home with the warning to watch the wound, keep it clean and bandaged, give Tylenol for the pain. Because of the type of injury, blood would likely continue to seep out from beneath his finger nail for several days. Once we got home I received a phone call from the doc that the radiologist actually looked more closely at Will's x-rays and thinks there is a very small fracture near the tip of the finger. This can't be treated so there was no reason to return. But they said his finger will be exceptionally sore and tender while it heals.

I feel awful for him. He obviously is baby-ing that hand and avoids using that finger at all costs. When resting you can see him holding his wrist in front of his chest -- maybe it helps with the throbbing.

I'm now waiting for Ryan to get home so I can show him Will's finger again, re-dress it and then send him to bed.

Alright, so that's what has been keeping me busy lately. What about you?


Ready for the Time Warp?

Linking up with Goodnight Moon.

Thursday means song link-up... and since we're getting close to Halloween I decided on a classic favorite: "The Time Warp" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. So much to say and so much I will not say. Too much inappropriate-ness!

When I was in high school I'd have friends over for mini parties and what not. At every one this song would be played and I'd demand everyone dance to it. Yes, even I know how to dance to it.

I used to babysit for a couple and they told me that instead of the "Hokey Pokey" at their wedding reception they played this song. Sounds like fun to me!



Friday, October 14, 2011

A Difficult Night

Last night was hard.

The baby would not go to sleep and instead decided screaming bloody murder at the top of her lungs past midnight sounded like a good idea to her. Not fun.

Then Will's fever kept coming back and he wanted cuddles so I had him in bed with me while the hubby was dealing with the banshee in the other room.

Sometime around 3 am (or earlier??) the hacking, gagging and puking started... IN MY BED!

Until about 6 am this went on about every 45 minutes.

We changed our sheets the first time and then Will decided he wanted to sleep on the floor which I was a huge supporter of.

None of us except Alanna got any decent sleep last night.

But on a high note I did have a lovely dream --- I dreamed of Japan. Sometimes I really miss that place. I dreamed of going to the onsen and relaxing. I dreamed of looking at snow topped Mt. Fuji. I dreamed of Sakura Season. And oddly enough, I dreamed of riding the trains again.

Maybe that was my subconscious giving me a mini vacation since I probably will not be going back to Japan for a long time.

Unless somebody gives me the money to fly out there...


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book Review: The Sacred Acre

In 2008, a tornado rips apart the town of Parkersburg, Iowa. A beloved, award-winning, high school football coach of over 30 years helps rally the people in rebuilding their small town. Less than 2 years later he is gunned down in front of students by a former player.

Coach Ed Thomas is the kind of man every parent wishes their child had as a teacher and coach. He was a man who practiced what he preached. He was invested in his students and players. It didn’t matter if you were the best player on the team or a bench warmer, he made everybody feel important. This man even coached four players from that small town to the NFL!

When an EF5 tornado blows through the Parkersburg, destroying most of it (including the high school, the field, and Ed’s home), Ed Thomas gets together with other school officials and makes the statement that the football team will play their first home game on that field, dubbed “The Sacred Acre”, barely over three months away… and they do it.

After much of the hard work of rebuilding is finally over and life is returning to normal for the town, tragedy strikes. A former student and player suffering from a mental illness seeks out Coach Thomas in the weight room and shoots him. Readers know the outcome, but to read it from the perspective of Ed’s wife and sons is heart wrenching. I cannot imagine the strength they had to endure the shocking death of somebody so endeared.

“The Sacred Acre: The Ed Thomas Story” was written by Mark Tabb with the family of Ed Thomas. There was a definite sense that this book was written from interviews of people who knew Ed, some documents, and media releases but it did not hinder the story. Also included were links to YouTube videos that added to the reading experience by seeing the locations, devastations, and people with the readers’ own eyes. There was a bit of jumping back and forth from Ed’s past to the current timeline, but the author had breaks and marks that made it easy to know when it happened.

Overall I did enjoy this book. I wanted to cheer when victories occurred and at other times shed tears to learn of events that happened, even though I knew they were coming. I loved the expression of love and forgiveness the Ed Thomas Family expressed to the family of Ed’s murderer, despite their own anguish and anger. Their acceptance of that family allowed for the rest of the small town to keep from ostracizing them. It also opened the doors for everyone to heal.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

All about Joseph

So I've been doing the Bible Study "Believing God" by Beth Moore with my PWOC ladies. This week was about the Hall of Faith. Several of the things we had to cover had to do with Joseph. Even when we studied Moses there was referral to Joseph.

And then on Sunday night, hubby and I are doing "Bait of Satan" by John Bevere for our Adult Study class. Sunday we talked about Joseph.

It was only fitting that I choose a song from "Joseph: King of Dreams" for my link up with Goodnight Moon this week.

By the way: the story of Joseph can be found in Genesis chapters 37-50. This guy had an interesting life and I can't imagine going through what he endured.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Balloon Fiesta 2011 Part 2

You guys thought I forgot, huh!

I have some time so I thought I'd share about what actually happened for Balloon Fiesta and then I'll just post pictures without captions because for some reason blogger has been SUPER S-L-O-W when doing pictures on the desktop.

Anyway... I was up at 3:30 and got myself ready. I had laid the kids' clothes out the night before and mostly loaded the van up already. I dressed Will in bed and then went to get Alanna. Of course she woke up. So I finished getting her ready & loaded in the car. When I loaded Will in the car he woke up. Neither of them slept the rest of the time. (That's a lie... Alanna passed out shortly before leaving the Balloon Fiesta Park).

As I said before, Ryan got home late and there was no way I'd get a positive response if I woke him and requested him to join us. So I let him sleep.

We met up with friends at the church and then loaded up the bus. It looks like a prison bus by the way. There are no markings on it to show people otherwise.

After brief traffic we found great parking and headed on in. The Heyer family stayed with me and helped with the kids. I decided with the crowds it was best to just bring the single stroller and allow one child to either walk or be carried... and Will definitely took advantage of the being carried option.

As we walked in, the Dawn Patrol was preparing to take off. It was very cool to see he very first balloons on the very first day of Balloon Fiesta ascend to the skies!

Once we found our spot to watch from William decided he had to go pee -- IMMEDIATELY! One of the Heyer girls also needed to use the restroom. So I trek across that giant field with two kids in tow and discover that the porta potties are further down and waaaaaay over from where I was. As we go along Will is just dancing and prancing and holding himself. I was so thankful I put him in a pull-up just for this reason.

We find the bathrooms and they are LINED! It was probably close to a 10 minute wait. I knew Will wouldn't last. I'm frantically looking around while standing in line and I know it's obvious to onlookers that my little guy didn't have much time. And what do I see??? Tegan's husband, Mike, at the front of our line! I got his attention and, thankfully, he took Will to go potty.

After all business was over we headed back to our group.

Balloon Fiesta is just fun. It was a beautiful day and not very cold. We watched as the balloons around us were unfurled along the ground, fanned open and then after becoming large enough the flame is introduced and it truly rises from the ground. The equipment is actually quite loud but fascinating. After getting to go ahead from the referees (or whatever they're called) they float away. Then we'd watch another row take off... then another... and another...

The Albuquerque Box was only in affect at the very beginning so as the morning wore on the balloons would just rise up and then immediately be heading north. It is still a beautiful sight though. This year they set a new world record on that morning with 345 Hot Air Balloons launched in 1 hour. That's pretty cool!

Alanna thought those balloons rising up in the sky was the most interesting thing. Will was a bit more grumpy and just watched without much emotion... but I could see him truly following with his eyes the path of the balloons and intently looking at how the balloons were put together. I believe they had a great time. After watching nearly all the balloons ascend we headed back to the bus. On the way we saw some horses so of course we had to stop so Will could check them out. That boy loves horses.

We loaded up the bus, returned to church and I brought the kids home to a happy husband. He was great taking over with the kids when I really needed to nap. They did nap too... but we weren't all on the same schedule that day.

It ended up being a good thing we attended on that day. Most of the week was nasty weather (like, strangely nasty!) and several days there was no Mass Ascension. It would have been nice to go on another night to see a Glodeo and fireworks, but it just wasn't in the cards this year for us. Oh well. I'm just happy we've had the opportunity to live here and see this wonderful occurance.

Now for the pics. There could be repeats from the other post, but you can just deal with it.

And that was our Balloon Fiesta 2011.