Friday, September 30, 2011

To explain or not to explain??

As I've said many times before, apraxia sucks.

Will has made lots of progress but I know most people can't understand him. I am still his translator.

I'm a bit annoyed that I had to wait nearly 6 months for Will's appointment with the Developmental Pediatrician and she didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. Expressive aphasia and oral apraxia. Really?! I could have told you that without wasting TriCare's money. Follow up in 6 months. Oh joy (note the sarcasm). She sent him for a chromosome test though it is unlikely anything will be found.

His therapies are going amazingly great! And Will seems to really enjoy school. He is trying new words all the time though it is not clear. Also?? He's into repeating questions instead of answering them:

"What did you do at school today?"
"da dool...?"
"Yes, what did you do at school?"
"da dool...?"

and it goes on.

"Will, where's the puppy?"
"da puppy?"
"Yeah, where's the puppy?"
"da puppy?"
"Is the puppy outside?"

It gets a bit frustrating 'cause I just want an answer to work with but I know this is a great step in him speaking more clearly.

I've run into a new issue to deal with though. Since Will is becoming more verbal it is becoming more obvious to people that there's something going on. He's nearly 3 1/2 and can hardly put 2 words together. Most of his current words are unintelligible to 95% of people. I don't want people to meet my son and then I have to explain right off the bat what's going on with him... I want people to get to know him and how funny, clever, and inquisitive he is. Try to understand him on their own because he really is quite good at communicating non-verbally if you can't understand him verbally.

I especially don't want to explain to strangers IN FRONT OF WILL. To be honest, I don't want to make him start feeling that he's different. I'm sure he can pick up on it but I don't want to call major attention to it. Does that make sense?

Today I met a woman and her two kids who came over so I could get measurements and information for their Halloween costumes. I intentionally did not mention Will's apraxia. I saw the quizzical expressions on their faces when Will mentioned "ma-gee-gees" (mac & cheese) and his other words that I understand. I'm sure her kids had questions as to why that little boy talks all funny but I just don't want to give explanations anymore. Unless a person asks (which I know can make them uncomfortable) I don't want to just spurt out his diagnosis.

What do you guys think? I know it can help clear up some confusion for people... but all the time?

My sum up of Apraxia: a motor planning disorder that is caused by the brain and muscles not working together properly to create the specific movements that allow speech. It also affects some of his gross and fine motor skills which is why he sorta runs funny and seems awkward or clumsy in other movements. It doesn't affect his intelligence and he is of normal mental function and understands everything as well as a 3-year-old can.

Anyway, that's all I've got to share right now. Don't forget to enter the giveaway. Less than a week left to leave comments.


They have arrived!

For those of you entering the GIVEAWAY... look what has arrived and is waiting to find a new home.

If you haven't already, go enter to win!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday already

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Thursday means time for my song link-up with Goodnight Moon.

This week I seriously wanted to put up "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5! It has been stuck in my head for days. Since it's stuck in my head I have to watch it on youtube which makes my little ones dance. Unfortunately, the video can be a bit explicit so I passed on posting it.

Instead, I choose a song from my favorite artist: Josh Groban. I've been a fan of his since his very first television performance on the Rosie O'Donnell show. I still don't have his newest CD, but maybe for Christmas.

So there are several songs to choose from but I decided on "You Are Loved" 'cause I like how uplifting it is. Enjoy!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

She speaks, stop worrying

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With everything that happened with Will and his speech development I will admit that I'm a bit anxious about Alanna's speech development. But I really should stop being concerned. She's doing great. Check out the video and see for yourself.

I have more to update on but that will come later. Things like going to the New Mexico State Fair, Will's progress at school, making brownies, the Balloon Fiesta, and other life goings on. Stay tuned.


Sour Cream Potatoes

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While living in Japan I would often grab the "Taste of Home" recipe books at the commissary check out lines trying to find new meals to make. During one autumn I came across this completely delicious mashed potatoe dish. (do you put an 'e' at the end of potatoe??) Apparently it was submitted by Krista Smith Kliebenstein in Fort Collins, Colorado. I don't know you Krista, but I'm in love with your potatoes.

And who doesn't love potatoes?? They are seriously my favorite side dish. I like to eat them in so many ways... except maybe pickled, because really... why would you pickle a potatoe??

If you are on a diet or counting your calories in any way... stay away from the yumminess or you will feel the guilt like there's no tomorrow.

Alright let's get to business. Forgive the bad photography because it is actually hard to get nice pictures of food. Oh, and I usually always post SOOC:

Sour Cream Potatoes

10 medium red potatoes, peeled and quartered
1 package of cream cheese, cubed (8 ounces)
1 cup sour cream (8 ounces)
1/4 cup milk
2 tablespoons butter (or much, much more if you want)
1 tablespoon dried parsley flakes
1-1/4 teaspoons garlic salt
1/4 teaspoon paprika (but who really measures paprika when you're sprinkling it on top?!)

So you peel and cut up the potatoes and place them in a pot with water and cover. Bring to boil then reduce and cook unil the potatoes are tender. Usually around 20 minutes.

Transfer potatoes to a large mixing bowl and mash up the potatoes. Add the cream cheese, sour cream, milk, butter, parsley and garlic salt. Then mix/mash/beat until smooth.

Then take that wonderful smelling mixture and spoon it into a greased 2-quart baking dish. You can then dot the potatoes with butter, but I skip that part since I usually use more butter in the potatoe mixture in the first place. Sprinkle with paprika.

Bake uncovered at 350* for about 30 minutes or until it is heated through. The top should be a nice light golden color.

Remove and dish up! Hope you enjoy! I like to make this recipe for a special dinner, Thanksgiving, potlucks, and for meal committee. Share the goodness.


Monday, September 26, 2011

SAHM monotony

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Sometimes the monotony of being a stay-at-home-mom gets to me. Mondays are hard because between Will's school and Feeding Therapy and Lana's nap time there isn't much time left to go out and do something fun with them. I tried... it just makes me stressed to be under the time crunch.

And then the chores. They are never ending.

I should be thankful. I have 2 wonderful little kids. I have a house with a dish washer, washer, dryer, garage... but at times I hate cleaning it.

Maybe I'm just kinda bored and lonely. Ryan has work and then with his classes it isn't often that he's home in the evening. And then there's his homework. So I'm alone with the kids. I'm not complaining... they can be hilarious company. But at times I just miss hanging out with an adult and not talking about anything important, just chatting or hanging out.

Looking forward to my vacation in November. A Girls' Weekend at Disneyland with my mom and sisters. No kids, no husbands, no boyfriends. It'll be nice to just have fun and shrug responsibilities for a few days.

And then it'll be nice to come home to my hubby and little ones who missed me. :)


Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Giveaway!

Guess what?!

I read an amazing book recently that I just Could. NOT. Put. Down! In fact, I read it in a day. After posting my review I was given the opportuniy to give away 2 copies of this fascinating read!

That's right, 2! That means ----- 2 WINNERS!

The book is called "A Heart for Freedom" by Chai Ling. This woman was one of the key student leaders at Tiananmen Square when the massacre happened. Chai Ling shares her story with intimate detail and necessary background history. You feel like you know her. She tells of her childhood, what led her to become so involved with the student movement for more freedom in China, fleeing her country as a fugitive, and her life afterwards.

I'm telling you, this is an outstanding true story! You definitely want to read it. I'm so giddy to tell about it to whoever is willing to hear me talk!

I should receive the books soon but I'll keep the giveaway open until October 5th. Then I will announce the winners.

I'm going to allow more than one entry so here's how you can enter:

* Leave me a comment that you're entering to win
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* You can leave a comment once a day until the giveaway ends to increase your chances

Best of luck! I can't wait to share the book with 2 lucky people!


Friday, September 23, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

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1. My favorite thing that happened this week was getting a new book to review and reading the whole thing in a day. It was sooooo good!
2. Find a penny, pick it up and all day long you’ll think you got some horrible disease from touching a dirty thing on the ground. 
3. Autumn is officially here and my favorite part of the season is the cooler weather. I used to say watching the leaves change and fall... but that isn't so visible here in Albuquerque. Can't wait to get back into sweatshirts though!
4. One of the things I’d like to do before winter arrives is to finish organizing the garage and sorting through all the clothes the kids have outgrown.
5. would be willing to participate in MilSpouse Secret Santa. Wanted to last year but for some reason didn't sign up.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's Your Song?

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Again, it took me forever to find a song to link up! I finally decided on "I Just Wanna Be Mad" by Terri Clark. It's been years since I've heard the song and when I found it I smiled to myself 'cause I can totally relate. I'm sure it drives the hubby crazy, but sometimes, yes, I just want to be mad for awhile and when I'm done being mad I'll be willing to talk again. Aren't all women kinda crazy in this way or is it just me?!


Book Review: A Heart for Freedom by Chai Ling

Since I was still very young in 1989 I was not aware of the events that occurred at Tiananmen Square in early June. As I grew up I don't remember learning much about what happened but was aware there was a massacre and the military or government had killed their own citizens.

What an eye-opener "A Heart for Freedom" has been for me! Chai Ling was one of the main leaders of the students who organized and lead the movement that ended in disaster. She shares her story beautifully growing up in China, loving her country but she also knew the disappointment from her father that she was not a son. Chai Ling does well to explain the culture of the time with the changes that had been happening since Chairman Mao came to power. After excelling in school she finally realized the generational family dream of a child going to Beijing.

During her time in school Chai Ling works hard and does well. Soon she has acquired a boyfriend that to Americans is the equivalent of a fiancee. She shares in the struggles of the relationship and what happens to unmarried women when they become pregnant. After that relationship dissolves she meets and becomes involved with the fascinating and passionate man who would become her husband.

After graduation and (illegal) marriage, she and her husband Feng Congde become actively involved in the student movement after the death of a political leader. There were multiple marches and gatherings, including a hunger strike. The students wanted their leaders to hear them and have open talks for a better and freer China. That did not happen. Eventually it all lead up to unthinkable, what we know as the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Readers are then taken through her escape from the country she still loves as a fugitive. She ends up in France and eventually goes to school in the United States. She shares how, for awhile, she was a symbol on the need for more reform in China, how her relationship with Feng ended, the loss of friends, and the difficulty in finding a job since companies did not want to hurt their business relationship with China by hiring one of the country's most wanted. Eventually she finds love again, success in her business, and has a family.

Chai Ling intimately shares the details of how she found God and the changes he has made in her life. She is now the founder of All Girls Allowed, and organization to help the women and girls who suffer from the one-child policy in China. She holds nothing back to share her past and her shame so that others may find the love, healing, and acceptance they need.

I found this book intoxicating! When I started to read it I figured I'd take in a chapter or two and then keep on with my day. Instead I couldn't put the book down and finished all 330+ pages in one day. That's saying something with two small children in the house! Chai Ling gives wonderful details and is completely relatable though I've never encountered most of the situations her life has gone through. It is easy to follow her thought process during the heated situations and really cheer for and want the best outcome for this brave woman. There was a lot of history to learn and I realized there was a lot about China I never knew. I really have nothing but praise for this beautiful book.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Disappointments and looking forward

I've been in a strange mood lately when it comes to blogging. I just don't want to do it. I've got plenty to write about but have no motivation to type it out.

Right now my dear blogging friend Poe is in her hometown with her family on the East Coast. Her dad has a very aggressive cancer and other than a miracle by God he will be leaving this earth in the near future. I ache for her. This is such a sad time and I wish I could just give her a hug and cry with her. Please go visit her blog and send her some cyber love and real prayers.

For us life is going well. Will is talking a LOT and it is actually pretty clear and understandable. Love it. Lana is talking a bunch too. Her little personality just cracks me up. Months ago my mom bought some pink cow girl boots and now that she fits in them she wants to wear them everywhere and with everything.

At this time I'm a bit disappointed because I will not be attending the Women of Faith Conference in Denver like I planned. My friend who was going with me had to back out and since nobody else is going I don't want to be there sitting alone and pay all the gas on my own. Maybe some day I'll go to one of those conferences. BUT! I hope to go to a local Women's Conference held at a nearby church.

And it also looks like I'll be going to DISNEYLAND! Whoot! I was invited on a girl's weekend with my mom and sisters to go to the Happiest Place on Earth. No kids, no husbands -- just us. Well, the exchange student at my parents' house will be coming as well but she's a girl so it's okay. I am looking forward to November, that's for sure.

Finally, I've started building my inventory for that etsy shop that STILL hasn't opened. I have a few new things to add and I'm looking forward to eventually sharing that all with you.

Hope you are all doing alright.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Song Link Up

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This week I am completely stumped on what I should post for the song link-up.

For quite awhile I got stuck watching Bad Lip Reading videos on youtube. Have you seen the one with Michael Buble? Hilarious!

Anyway... I finally decided on U2's "In the Name of Love"and boy do those guys look young! Wow.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Military Spouse

There's something that is a HUGE part of my life but realize I don't really talk about it all that much... other than a few blog hops and random posts.

I am a military spouse. And I love it.

Since I grew up military that's what I knew. During my junior year of High School I began talking with an Air Force recruiter at school and thinking of enlisting. I decided I wanted the military life. Then I learned about ROTC and that the college I liked had a detachment so I decided that was what I would do.

Things didn't work out as planned and instead of completing my study and commissioning, I married my flight commander. I often like to joke about that though when we met and started dating he was NOT my flight commander, just a friend who was an upperclassman and also in the program.

It is true I don't really post about Ryan's job on here because I think it can be innappropriate. To be honest, I don't know all that goes on with his job but know that he does care about it and tries to better the squadron wherever he is. He is a very hard working and dedicated Airman.

With the position that Ryan is in it is rare for him to deploy so we have yet to encounter a deployment. That is very rare for a military spouse to say. One time he was going to go but since we weren't on station long enough they had to pull him off and send somebody else. Living here there's still possibility for deployment and that window is coming up fast! I don't know if Ryan will get called to go but to be honest I'm okay with either scenario. I know it will be good for his career if he is selected even if the distance and time apart will suck.

When it comes to TDY's the longest we've had to be apart is, I believe, 2 months. That's not bad at all.

I've heard many complaints about military wives. At our first base together I was frustrated to encounter many of the Officer Wives fitting the bad stereotypical description: snobby, backbiting, thinking they wear their husband's rank... you know what I mean. Thankfully, many moved away and I was able to meet some lovely ladies and build some wonderful relationships.

Yes, I'm an Officer's wife. But, I'm also an enlisted man's daughter. And on top of that, before meeting Ryan he used to be enlisted. To me I don't care what rank your husband happens to wear on his shoulder or arm because that is not you. I am willing to like and befriend you outside of the world of your husband's job. In fact, most of the friends I currently have here on base are enlisted wives. There's nothing wrong with that.

Let me share a story (I know, I'm already getting long winded). I was friends with a lovely young lady at our last base. She was COMPLETELY new to the military. We lived in the same building and came from the same place so we hit things off. Her husband happened to be a pilot. She told me she met somebody at the BX and they were chatting away and having a great time. After awhile the conversation turned and the lady asked my friend what her husband did. When she said he was a pilot the other woman said, "oh" smiled politely then abruptly ended the conversation and walked away.


I've never dealt with that. I also try to make a point NOT to mention my husband's rank or that he's an officer unless somebody asks or we've already got to know each other better.

It's unfortunate that some women can ruin the reputation of the title "Military Wife". Many of these ladies are strong, independent, friendly, supportive, and accepting. So far, living on Kirtland more often than not I'm finding the women who positively represent a military spouse and I'm thankful for that.

I don't know what our future will hold and if we'll stay in the Air Force or not. I hope we do since I love this life and I love the people I get to meet. Not everything is sunshine and daisies (fighting with TriCare anyone??) but I'll take the imperfectness of this lifestyle 'cause I want to support my husband and country.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Book Review: One Call Away by Brenda Warner

Several months ago I picked up the book First Things First by Kurt and Brenda Warner and found it wonderfully engaging. From there I realized who the guy was on “Dancing with the Stars” I had been rooting for in the year prior. When the opportunity arose to read Brenda Warner’s memoir One Call Away with Jennifer Schuchmann, I had to get it.

This was a beautiful read. Some of it seemed repetitive from the previous book, but life stories don’t really change. There was much more detail and emotion in this book. Brenda brings us through her life and the challenges and blessings she encountered along the way. We are taken through her childhood, where Brenda and her sister were raised by hard-working and dedicated parents. Then on through her time in the Marines where she marries, has a child who later suffers an unfortunate accident, gets pregnant again but then separates from her husband before the child is born. Soon after we see her and Kurt meet and watch how their relationship grew and blossomed. Life is not all wonderful and cozy when tragedy strikes and Brenda is suddenly an orphan.

Readers get to see her pick up the pieces, once again, rely on her faith and continue with her life. She marries Kurt. His football career begins to take off throwing Brenda into the world of fame, money, fans, loss of privacy, and public judgment. With their growing family (of ultimately seven children) she makes decisions that sometimes are not the wisest moves but you can see where her heart was at in making them. You also see the glowing moments where she is involved in the most beautiful acts of service.

I really did enjoy this book. Throughout the writing readers are able to see Brenda’s faith mature and how much it was a part of her entire life so far. I loved that she was so honest and candid about situations which allows any woman to have someplace to relate with Brenda on at least one level.  She is a strong woman, severely compassionate, dedicated wife and mother, and a true believer.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255


Housework Motivation

I have been so lacking in my housework lately.

My FB friends already are aware of the laundry gnomes going on strike and after they unionized and nothing could be accomplished I'm thoroughly convinced I need to start all over and hire laundry elves.

If you're lost... don't worry. It's not that important.

I'm not sure what it is exactly but ever since I returned from Colorado it's like I have no motivation to get anything done. I missed several of my workouts, neglected fully picking up all the toys, don't want to even look at the grass in my back yard...

Some of you should understand how I'm feeling. I hope.

I've got a book review to post soon. Hopefully since I got some housework done today I'll be able to focus and have that written up this evening. I also need to sort through all the kids' clothes and shoes so I can get ones they've outgrown out of their drawers and into the storage bins. I swear, it seems both of my little ones decided to outgrow everything at the SAME TIME!

It's all good though. Overall I've been in high spirits, had a great dentist appointment, kept up with my new Bible Study, and been able to spend some quality times with friends.

What gets you motivated to do your housework when you just don't feel like it? (Besides getting a phone call that visiting family will be over in 20 minutes!)


Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Ago

10 Years.

10 years ago our world as we knew it changed. Planes hit the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and crashed in a Pennsylvania field.


Two wars and the loss of so many lives.

I haven't shared on my blog where I was when it happened and I thought this year would be fitting.

10 years ago I was a Junior in High School and, like every early morning, I was in zero period Jazz Choir going through class like usual.

Then Kristen Eddings (future Miss Washington 2007) rushes in late (as usual) but then cries out "World War III has just started!" For a second we all just stared at her then asked what happened. She tells us that some planes just hit the World Trade Center in New York. I had no idea what the World Trade Center was...

Our classroom did not have the cable hooked up for television reception so all of us Jazz Choir kids head across the hall to the band room to find out what happened. We were shocked and confused and then it was time to head out to the commons.

Out there everyone was in a nervous chatter. Everyone was watching the tv screens.

I know I did see the second plane hit the tower but I don't remember if I was in the band room or in the commons. I remember just watching in near horror as I realized this surreal experience was actually happening.

Then the first tower collapsed. I was in stunned. I was standing near the school's information center near the front doors. Surrounded by my friends we watched speechless.

Soon people talked about war. People asked who did it. Brief, naive discussions about the draft and that many of our friends were of age or soon would be. Several had already pre-enlisted. I already had a few friends who were active duty. If we went to war, how long would it last?

It was time for first period. I was a TA so I signed in and headed to my class with a favorite teacher, Mr. Seidel. He had the tv on and those younger students were glued to it. I laid on the floor in the midst of them and stared.

I remember seeing the second tower fall as well.

Soon an announcement was made over the intercom that because of the sensitive nature of the viewing and the stress it was causing to younger students (my school was 7-12 grade) it was decided that all tv's and news would be turned off and classes must resume as usual.

I was pissed. Here we were a military community. History was happening and we could not watch it.

A few kids were picked up by their parents at school.

At the time my family was housing 2 foreign exchange students - 1 from Mexico and 1 from Switzerland. When their families heard about it there was fear, obviously. But since those attacks happened on the other side of the country there was no worry for their safety.

I don't remember much of that day of school. I think I was able to grab a few minutes of viewing between classes. During other classes students had updates from the internet. I can't recall if I had rehearsals or yearbook after school or not... but I do know that with my lack of information I was completely lost as to what happened.

When I got home I wanted to see the news. I wanted to know what happened. For some reason my sister had been home... I think she was sick. She was annoyed that I wanted to watch the news. She said that those attacks had been all over the tv all day long.

My mom thought I was getting paranoid and overly stressed about the situation... but I really just wanted to know what happened.

I don't remember being really upset or scared. I was just confused. As information poured in on who was responsible I was angry. I was sad for all those people who died.

In the following days the Patriotism soared. We had prayer meetings. We wore ribbons on our clothes. Flags flew all over the place. There was a unity to our country that I'd never experienced.

10 years later... where are we now?

I wonder what it will be like talking to my kids about what happened. They've only known a post 9/11 world. Will it be like asking grandparents where they were when Pearl Harbor happened? Or asking my parents where they were when JFK was killed? When the Berlin Wall came down? We experienced a major piece of our country's history. I know I will never forget.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

the simulcast

I said I would let ya'll know... Beth Moore's simulcast today was AWESOME.

That woman has some great stuff to preach, teach and share. I'm so glad I went.

I was fully prepared to be on my own in a HUGE group of women, but while waiting to go in I spotted our chaplain's wife and another woman I know from PWOC. So... I was able to sit, chat and eat with them during the day.

And it was a long day. When I put the kids to bed in the evening I was surprised how little I saw of them today. We had a fun time playing peek-a-boo in the blankets and tickling the piggies.

Oh, and I wanted to share the awesome-ness of Will's progress. The other day I was showing Lana some new bows and Will, completely on his own without any prompting or anything, comes up and points to one and CLEARLY says "yellow". I was in shock and so happy. He repeated it several more time, though not quite as clear. Then he later said "purple" and it continued to stay clear when repeated. He's doing great!


Friday, September 9, 2011

Remembrance Weekend

Here comes what has been dubbed "Remembrance Weekend"

They are replaying the footage of the World Trade Center attacks all over the news. It is so strange seeing this as well as stories from survivors. I'll have my personal story of where I was when the attacks happen posted on Sunday. Looking back it somehow seems surreal... again.

I'm sure there are several interesting books from those who made it out. I've read one, Thunder Dog, and it is amazing. Loved it.

One day I hope to make it to New York and the World Trade Center Memorial will be one of the places I will definitely want to go.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm headed to a local church to watch the simulcast of Beth Moore's "Living Proof". It's gonna be good and I'm expecting some awesome stuff. I'll let ya'll know how it goes.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Move to Bremerton

A Quick Note First: 2 years ago today we moved to New Mexico. It was during that move I started this blog. Time seems to have flown by and we have just 1 year left in the Land of Enchantment. Wow.

Thursday's Song Link Up! Go visit Goodnight Moon to join.

This week I wasn't sure what to pick. But tonight for no good reason I'm feeling homesick so I decided on "Move to Bremerton" by MxPx.

Yes, Bremerton/Silverdale is my hometown. MxPx went to the same school as my siblings. In fact, they used to practice just down the road from my parents' house. In the video I know most of the places it was filmed and it has already changed a lot since then. The entire ferry area has been redone in recent years... and the KMart is no longer in town.

So here ya'll go.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

As promised...

Pictures from our Colorado Trip.

But First ====

Ryan wasn't able to go with us in the end. The week before we were to leave he was all happy that he was going to go with us. Then during the work week he was told he had to get certain training done that he was originally told he had much longer to do. Since he couldn't get those HOURS and HOURS of training done during the work week he had to do it over the long weekend. He was bummed.

I did enjoy the vacation though. We went to Garden of the Gods, Manitou, the Olympic Training Center, my brother's church (where I got to hear Gary Wilkerson speak -- he's the son of Teen Challenge founder David Wilkerson), Fort Carson, the Air Force Academy, and went to my first Zumba class at his gym. Fun times! We were pretty busy.

Overlook of Gaden of the Gods with the treeless Pike's Peak in the background

Mike was back there to keep them from falling off the ledge

see the climbers??

me and the kiddos

both wanted to hold his same hand so they each grabbed a finger -- he could have 8 more kids there! :)

jumping/scooting off a rock

Pike's Peak

Up on some rocks

he wanted to climb too but had to settle for sitting on some much lower down

One of the many natural "soda" springs in Manatou. I thought it tasted nasty!

Outside the Olympic Training Center

countdown in days to the summer and winter Olympics

My brother with our tour guide, Mike Prout - former #1 ranked para olympian swimmer (I think he's #5 right now). We chated with him for about 45 minutes after the tour since they hit it off.

later I realized I took no pictures inside the actual training rooms, only outside... I think THIS POST can explain why I was so distracted


the only pic I took of my brother's base since I was busy driving

the only pic I took at the Air Force Academy since a little girl wasn't behaving -- we didn't stay as long as I would have liked

Sister & Brother.
Yes, I really am that pale.

saying goodbye

By the end of the weekend I think Mike was ready to go back to his bachelor-hood. But I'm looking forward to seeing him again when we have the time.