Saturday, May 28, 2011


It's gonna stay quite around here for a few more days. If I had thought ahead better it would have been a great opportunity for guest posts on what Memorial Day means for them.

Oh well.

Right now I'm enjoying my time in California. There is already one amazing surprise that I can't wait to tell ya'll about and it made me soooo incredibly happy.

Now if only the weather here would be as nice as Albuquerque...

Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone! Don't forget to thank a veteran!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's your song?

It's Thursday! I've been looking forward to the link-up with Goodnight Moon 'cause I'm so excited for this weekend!

California Here I Come! The song I've chosen is fitting, because, well, I was born there and lived there about 10 years. There was even a time when we had to go through customs to come back from Tiajuana and I was singing this song rather loudly and I got lots of strange looks... I was probably 6.

Anyway, me and Alanna are flying out to be with my sister and my parents are also flying down for Memorial Day. My sister's church puts on this AMAZING thing for veterans and I'm finally able to see it. You can check info on it HERE. There is an emotional performance which re-creates scenes from the Vietnam War, there are memorials commorating those men and women who we've lost in our current conflicts of OIF and OEF, keynote speakers (including Dave Roever who I've had the opportunity to hear and meet before - his story HERE), a USO show, and a medical clinic for vertans and their families.

I am so excited! Not just for the Memorial Day events but to be with my family and have them get to know Alanna's personality better.

So without further ado.... who doesn't love Lucy??!!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Murphy Appears

If you're a regular reader you know that my husband rarely is sent TDY and has yet to be deployed. Therefore, Murphy's Law of Separation has had very few chances to appear.

Well, hubby had to do a quick 1-day TDY. No big deal.

Except that the baby woke up with diarrhea causing an immediate bath, then we decided to take Daddy's car to Will's therapy... and I left the front door WIDE open.

I arrive at place of therapy to see a LONG line and then realize what I did (or rather did not do) with my front door so I call the SLP and say that I have to run home but I'll be back.

I'm nearly home and the baby starts making weird noises.... then she starts crying and Will is gagging and saying "unnn poooo, unnn pooo". Then I could smell it.

Little precious baby girl had thrown up all over herself and her carseat. (thankfully not on daddy's car upholstery though)

I pull into the driveway and see my front door standing open, the dog had gotten out of the back yard and was running around like a maniac, Lana is covered in puke and I call the SLP and say we will not be able to attend today's session.

Then the cleaning commenses.

Oh, and then about an hour later I had an IFSP meeting.

The day is a little more than half over, hubby returns soon, and darn it Murphy how dare you come visit at all!


Potty Progress!

Somedays you just want to go to a different place.

Like here:

vacationing at Bellows Air Force Station in Hawaii
 or here:

vacationing at Okuma Military Resort in Okinawa, Japan

Not that today was bad... it was actually pretty good.

But, although New Mexico may have some of the most beautiful sandy beaches... they're missing the ocean. And who wouldn't want to see that view nearly every day?! I'm just craving some coastline is all.

Changing the subject: Will is making some great progress in his potty training! FINALLY! We are bribing him with stickers for every time he goes pee and if he poops he gets a tattoo. It's really working. Today he even took himself once without me telling him! I'm so happy. He also has a little chart for days when he has no accidents. Right now he only has 2 stickers on it but I'm sure they'll be more soon and once he has a week's worth completed maybe he'll get a special toy.

I'm sure having new Buzz Lightyear undies gives him some incentive too!

---- maybe not.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of the World & Armed Forces Day

Yeah... I don't think the world ended today. Then again, the day isn't over yet... especially if it is to be timed for midnight Jerusalem time (about 6 pm Eastern Time).

Did you know today is Armed Forces Day? Celebrate your armed forces!

In high school I did color guard (the flag dancing people with the band, not carrying the American flag) and every year we would march in the Armed Forces Day Parade. Then after that was over we'd start packing up to go to Victoria, Canada to march in the Victoria Day Parade on Sunday.

I have a pretty crazy story about my sister's wedding falling on Armed Forces Day so I couldn't be at the parade and then the drama and harassment with the band director over the trip to Canada.... but I'm not going to share that today. Just know that the ending was alright though the path to get to the end was insane!

To this day I don't care much for that man.

Anyway, I'm hoping for a great weekend. Not sure what we're gonna do but I plan on getting out of this house!

And in less than a week the baby and I will be visiting family in California! Can't wait!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Song of the Week

This is my first time linking up with Goodnight Moon for the weekly song link-up.

So the reason I have chosen this song is, well, I have seen better days. Not that life is sucky right now, 'cause it's not.

But you just have times when you haven't showered, the house is a mess, you're tired and the kiddos are not their usual angelic selves. It's a nice pick-me-up that makes me smile.

Oh, and I just enjoy the song and it brings back some fun memories.

**UPDATE: as soon as I posted this, my son runs around the corner with toothpaste and the baby starts crying. Turns out, he moved his potty chair to climb on the counter for the toothpaste, dumping out the pee all over the floor, and his little sister was covered in it from rolling on the floor and then slipped and fell. It's all glorious I tell ya!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Busy Days

The kiddos and I have been busy! Just thought I should share some of what we've been doing.

There's always therapies (which will be increasing soon), PWOC with nursery or play group, church, running errands, and enjoying some of the child friendly opportunities in Albuquerque.

Will wearing his "cowboy belt" at hippotherapy

the flags outside Explora! on a beautiful New Mexico day
Lana playing at a local park
(I totally did NOT photoshop this though it kind of looks like it)

Will also playing at the park with O.T. Chelle

attempting to put Alanna's hair in a ponytail... unsuccessfully
 We went to Hoots and William had an awesome time. He even did the obstacle course 3 times; once with my help, once with another mom's help on the big wall, and once completely on his own... which you can see below.

Alanna also enjoyed Hoots. Since she's too small for most of the "hard" toys she likes to just run around and fall.

Oh, and Alanna LOVES music. Anytime music comes on she starts her little bopping or spinning or at least bouncing her leg. It's so much fun to watch.

So, here's Lana while watching Dancing with the Stars. She was distracted by the book she was holding. She is usually much more into the music when I'm not recording her.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

To travel or not to travel

I'm getting the itch.

The traveling itch.

It wasn't too bad in Japan since nearly everything was a travel. There were so many things to see and it was fairly easy to just get up and go since it was usually just me. The base had multiple tours every month or I could just hop on the train and go to a new place.

Now I've got the kiddos, which sometimes makes things a bit tougher.

My post last week really kicked things in high gear. Yes, I've done some of the things in New Mexico I've been wanting to do like visit Roswell, check out Old Town, go to the Balloon Fiesta, see the tree lighting in Santa Fe Plaza, go to the Four Corners... oh but there's so much more!

This weekend I nearly just packed up some bags so I could go to Southern New Mexico... but I had some commitments in town and hubby hadn't been clued in on my ideas so I didn't go.

It's coming though! I briefly chatted with Tegan about doing the Salt Mission Trail drive. It can be done in a (long) day and we've both got little ones so hopefully we can help each other out.

Also, Ryan and I are discussing our trip to the Grand Canyon! Yay! He's starting to truly be on board about this. Turns out his aunt, uncle, and cousin will be in Phoenix in August so right now we're discussing visiting with them and then going to the Grand Canyon or first enjoy the Grand Canyon then visit with his family before heading back to Albuquerque. We've got time to figure it out. I'm just excited we'll finally be going! I went once before when I was about 2 or 3 so of course I don't remember anything! Don't think Ryan has ever been there.

Do you like to travel around where you live? Do you like long car rides?


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's in the Cabinet?

Ummm... excuse me William, what are you looking at?

Is there something in the cabinet??


Oh no! She's escaping!

I see you've got it all covered.

What is making you smile today?


Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

My reason for Mother's Day
I'll be honest... the day didn't start out making me feel that awesome. Ryan has been studying all week for his final and basically hasn't been around at all. Then I've been reading Facebook posts and Blogs from women about how they're being spoiled this weekend and all the fun things they're doing and lovely gifts they're receiving.

And Tegan, along the lines of your post, my love language is Gifts and Acts of Service.

Anyway, so when Saturday rolled around Ryan says that with his studying he doesn't have time to do anything for Mother's Day. No lunch, no dinner, no outing or anything. I was bummed.

Sunday morning comes and I'm the one who got up early with the kids, got them fed and dressed while he was still sleeping in. I finally get him up and tell him to either shower or let me shower... he takes the shower. A LONG shower. That man doesn't remember his basic training days apparently! When I finally get to shower it is less than 10 minutes; no time to shave my legs so I don't get to wear the dress I was planning on wearing. Bummer.

Then we were running a bit late for church (taking separate cars so he could go off to study immediatly after service) and he knows something is bothering me. So I tell him... it's Mother's Day and I feel neglected and unappreciated. I'm sure my whole "time of the month" thing is making me more over emotional than I should really be.

Church was good, improved my spirits. I get home, get the kids fed and Lana down for her nap (though she didn't really sleep). A few hours later Ryan returns for his "break" and says we'll do our quick Mother's Day celebrating. I received some pretty flowers, cards, chocolate, the new Harry Potter Movie and... best of all... the Vera Bradley Tote Bag from Barnes & Noble with a matching small tech bag that I'd been eyeing!

He had reserved the flowers earlier in the week and just had to pick them up and he had all the gifts purchased by Saturday... he just didn't give them to me until Sunday afternoon.

Monday, since his final will be finished, we're supposed to go out for dinner and probably a movie.

Not too bad of a day. Just me and the kids.

I did remember to call my mom. She's taking care of my oldest sister who just had knee surgery (again) on Friday.


My mom is awesome. I really have a lot of respect and appreciation for her. First off, my mom and dad have been married 32 years now... no easy feat.  
Their Wedding Day, May 1979
My mom is also a Navy Wife... also no easy feat.  
Dad and Mom
 My mom was a stay-at-home-mom to four kids, with husband out to sea for good portions of our lives.  
Mom and us kids out camping
 My mom stuck by my dad in some pretty bad times and came through it.
Mom and Dad during the dating years. I can't get over those sideburns!
 She dealt with 3 teenaged girls (that deserves an award in itself) and raised a responsible young man as well who is now an Army Officer. All four of us kids have graduated from college with our Bachelor's Degrees, high grades to go with it. My two older sisters have already received their Master's Degrees.
My brother's HS Graduation in 2005
 No, she wasn't perfect... but no mother is. She has set a great example of loving and caring for her children (and whoever else's kids happen to be at the house as well) and having a God-fearing household. We always knew we were important to her and even now, if something happens, I can always call on her and she'll be there. 
My mom with me as a baby
All four of us kids with Mom on her birthday in December
Mom with her Grandbabies (and pets)
Our ENTIRE family at Christmas
TOP: Brother-in-Law Kevin, Husband Ryan, Brother Mike
Middle: Sister Melissa, Me, Sister LaRetta
Bottom: Dad holding William and Mom holding Alanna
 And I can't sign off on Mother's Day without a nod to the Matriarch of the family, my Grandma (my mom's mom). Today would have been her 79th Birthday. She was a woman who DEARLY loved her family... her husband of 50 years, all 10 of her surviving children and the DOZENS of grandchildren. I really don't have the words to say all that much about her because she was such an amazing woman. Read Proverbs 31 and you get the idea. Her children and babies were everything to her. She was respected and loved, strong, talented, a woman of few words. She is sorely missed on a daily basis, even now, nearly 11 years after her death. I tell ya, she would have LOVED my little ones... especially Will with his dark brown eyes.
My Grandma & Grandpa at their 50th Wedding Anniversary with all 10 of their children, about a month before her death.
I also recognize that this can be a tough emotional day for those women who are still waiting to be mothers. I know several. Even now I feel some guilt that I was so quickly blessed with two children while others have been waiting years. I don't know why this is and I pray that God will answer their requests just as he did with Hannah in the Bible. May Psalm 113:9 be their celebration!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

11 Things I want to see or do here

11 Things I want to do while in New Mexico

  1. Spend time in Santa Fe going through museums and historical places
  2. Visit the Petroglyphs in Albuquerque
  3. See Carlsbad Caverns
  4. Take the tour of Old Town in Albuquerque
  5. Visit the Trinity Atomic Test Site
  6. Spend a weekend in Taos
  7. Walk across the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge (in Taos)
  8. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  9. Drive the Billie the Kid National Scenic & Historical Byway and stop at the sites
  10. Visit the sites along the Salt Mission Trail
  11. Go to White Sands National Monument and surrounding sites
I really can keep going. There's a lot of history in New Mexico and it is a LARGE state. Though it seems empty it is amazing what is out in the wilderness!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2011


I didn't want the day to pass without wishing all my wonderful fellow Mil Spouses a Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

Especially my mom!

Did you know this is supposed to occur every Friday before Mother's Day?! I sure didn't... until today.

Too bad other than maybe a Facebook post or two I didn't receive any appreciation. Don't worry, I'm not bitter about it.

Hubby has been busy studying for his final so he hasn't been around, Will had some therapy, and then since the kids were stir crazy we wandered the mall where I bought stuff for them (mostly shoes).

One of these days I'll go to the mall and actually buy something for myself!

And just for giggles, here's a quick list of SOME my favorite MilSpouse bloggers -- in no particular order!

Oh... and there are so many more... but it's late and I don't want to keep making links.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Drawbacks to getting what you wished for...

Ryan and I had a brief conversation about something we always wished for but now that it's happeneing, we are annoyed.

William won't shut up.

Yeah, that's right. This boy who would never really make a peep now won't stop!

In some ways I can only laugh because we, forever, have been encouraging sounds and voice projection. Now I'm consistently having to tell him to be quiet or use inside voices. He's babbling about everything and trying to actually use the few words he has to communicate his wants. When he sees something he starts up all sorts of noise so that we can comment that we understand and also see what he is trying to explain and if we don't comment he won't stop! We've had meltdowns over this.

He isn't always clear and if I can't figure it out he can be very upset. And then there are times when I'm in a hurry and don't have time to play 20 questions to figure it out... so I try to move on and he meltsdown.

But yeah, constant.

Like this afternoon, Ryan was home briefly and we're trying to have a quick conversation about the evening and Will is right there chattering up a storm of his babbling REALLY LOUD and we have to tell him to be quiet so we can actually speak without yelling over him.

I mean, I really do love the improvements he's making but to be honest, I'm not used to a little kid talking all the time. It even throws me off sometimes when I'll be with friends who also have young kids and their kids actually say when they want something. I'm so used to having to anticipate his needs so he doesn't have to complain about them. Or, anticipate so that when he does come to me I understand why he's upset.

We're adjusting.

I'm just thrilled he is communicating verbally as much as he can.

(Oh, and thanks to my sister for helping me with the missing word!)


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Well Child Checkups

I forgot to post about the well checkups last week!

We didn't see our usual pediatrician because I wanted both appointments back-to-back and with the available appointments in the proper time frame we had to see a different doctor. That's okay, because I like her and turns out I'm really glad we saw her.

So, Will is doing well. He gained weight from the last time they saw him (few months ago) and is growing. While discussing his case, the doctor says she wants him to see a developmental pediatrician. I was going to ask for that anyway, but I'm glad she got on that. Thing is, there aren't a bunch here and there is a "good" one that she wants us to see. I got the call today and we can't get in until late September... but we're on the list and have an appointment! Also, she was not satisfied that he was scheduled for his endocrinology appointment 60 days out and she wanted him to see one of her preferred doctors, so now Will has an appointment next week! In addition, she wants him to get speech therapy (something I was also saying) and she is in contact with the eating clinic we saw before to have them follow up and actually get TriCare to cover speech!

All good news! I was really glad we got to see her because she's been at this base longer than our current Peds doctor and she seems more on the ball about things. I was very happy.

Alanna also was seen. She's up to 18 pounds now and her milestones are great! She seems to be developing right as she should. But... I did explain that she hadn't been feeling well all week and as soon as the doc looked in her ears she says, "oh yeah, she's got a double ear infection." Poor girl. She was never pulling on her ears at all! So she's on her antibiotics for 10 days. As of yesterday afternoon she seems back to herself. I also have to take her to get a certain blood draw, but wasn't able to before so I'm hoping to get it done tomorrow.

And the doctor wants to see them both in 3 months to be sure everything is working out, to review the followups, and be sure Alanna doesn't have a problem with fluid build up in her ears.

All in all, not a bad appointment.

In other news we got a bill from the civillian blood lab for over $2,300 for all that blood work done back in January on Will. I called the proper people and it should all be worked out since the doctor was the one who requested the labs so TriCare should cover it. That's just not a nice thing to see come in the mail randomly.


Monday, May 2, 2011

A Day to Remember

A day to remember: the announcement that Osama Bin Laden is dead.

I was working on cleaning up in the kitchen while Will, avoiding bed time at all costs, was bugging me from his side of the gate.

Ryan races in and says, "have you been watching the news??"

I was annoyed with him because he knows I NEVER watch the news. It is nearly always depressing. I told him no and asked, "why, did something important happen?"

He turns it on and tells me to get over there. I wasn't in a good mood but unhappily obliged, getting after Will in the process. That's when Ryan tells me, "we killd Bin Laden."

I was a bit taken aback. Really? This man who is our enemy and orchestrated those horrific attacks nearly 10 years ago is finally dead?

Oddly, I wasn't 'happy' about his death. For some reason the verse about not being delighted in the stumbling of an enemy kept coming to mind. I can't think of a word tonight to express my true feelings about it.

The news keeps repeating that Bin Laden has been brought to justice. I'm not sure if I agree with that. How much satisfaction really comes to those families who lost loved ones in the 9-11 attacks? They still don't have those people back. This man brought so much hurt, pain and loss to so many families... how does him dying bring "justice" for what he did?

But, I will be honest and say that I'm actually relieved that he was killed because can you imagine the circus and possible attacks that would take place if he had just been captured and then was to stand trial? We all remember the drama that went along with Saddam's trial.

Also, I'm relieved that our military members who carried out this charge were no hurt.

The release of the news this evening also explains why our threat levels were raised and the whole "be vigilant" message was being sent out by the military bases today.

I hope everybody stays safe and that any attacks or retaliation can be put down before America, Americans, or our Allies are hurt.

I may not be 'happy' that this major terrorist is dead... but I'm not 'sad' about it either.

God Bless America!