Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Whirl-Wind Trip and Back Again

Alanna is a month old today. Time flies.

It's been nearly a month since my last post so let me give a brief update.

When Alanna was just over a week old my mom and I took the kids and dog to Washington so I could have some rest, relaxation and recovery. The drive was beautiful and enjoyable. Will did amazing, especially for how long the trip was. We stopped in Ogden, Utah for the night and if I had remembered to grab my address we might have been able to see some friends of mine stationed at Hill AFB (the exit before our hotel exit).

Anyway, we finished our drive the next day.

Washington was good to be in. I didn't really go anywhere. People knew where I was and had plenty of opportunity to see me and the baby if they really wanted to.

My oldest sister came up to visit. The plan was for me to then go to her place over the weekend so more family could see us, but she ended up getting in a pretty bad car accident on her way home so she came back to our parents' place to recover. It is a miracle Melissa even survived the crash, let alone walk away with bruises, a couple cuts and whiplash - and her dog is okay too after hitting the windshield. The other miracle is that Will was originally going to go down to Oregon with her, but thankfully we decided for him to stay with me because after the wreck her back seat was completely broken and I doubt Will would have survived the accident or at least he would have been severely injured.

My brother also came home for a few days to see me (and Will and Alanna). He's graduating college in a few weeks as well as commissioning. I'm very proud of him. He'll do well whatever he ends up doing. I'm also glad that his orders are to Colorado because he won't be too far away from me so perhaps on long weekends I'll go visit him or something if he's not deployed.

On our last Saturday at home my dad changed the brakes on the van and my sister and I loaded up everything for our trip to Oregon and then on to New Mexico. She was still pretty sore but willing to make the trip with me. Sadly we weren't in Oregon very long and most of the family had plans in Portland on Sunday (Mother's Day) so I really didn't get to see most of the family. Grandpa got to see his newest Great-Granddaughter though!

I went to Melissa's church on Sunday where I saw some friends of ours (Norm & Shirley) and we headed out from there for California where we stayed at my other sister's place. It was nice to see LaRetta, even though she was very busy. We rested at her place for a whole day to let Melissa's legs get a rest, actually have time to visit with LaRetta, and allow Will and Maya time to run around and have fun. My Aunt Ina was also at Retta's place when we arrived so she actually got to see both my kids before heading back to Alaska.

Tuesday we drove on to Flagstaff and stayed the night. Wednesday around noon we arrived in Albuquerque. Later that evening Melissa caught her flight back to Washington.

I'd do the drive again. It really wasn't bad and I found it actually relaxing. Makes me really lean towards driving if I still go home in the summer. The traffic will be worse during that time though. We'll just have to see.

My mother-in-law arrived the day after I got back. Ryan was happy to see her 'cause it had been awhile (I'd just seen her while I was home). Will had fun playing with her and he now has a basketball hoop and ball that he likes to play with outside. Linda stayed over the weekend and then flew back to Washington on Monday.

Now for more recently:

Alanna had her baby well appointment. She is over 9 pounds now and about 21 inches. They say she is strong and healthy and already seems to be developing normally. Since she's nursing and a good eater they think she will gain a lot more weight -- just like Will did.

Will now has a dentist appointment, but I have to change it. I found the dentist our pediatrician told us about and I'm looking forward to going. Apparently the main dentist brings his dog to the office and it visits with the patients. Will is gonna love that.

The reason his appointment needs changed is because we are now in contact with early intervention over Will's speech. They talked with Ryan who made the initial appointment/evaluation at the exact same time as the dentist appointment. The dentist is easier to change than the intervention stuff. We'll see how it all goes.

Today was the last of my Bible Study until September. I'm kinda bummed. But after talking with one of the other ladies there we might just hang out and be friends so I won't be so isolated here on the base. She has a few kids and the youngest isn't much older than Will so he can have friends to play with too. I think it is a win/win situation for all of us.

Guess that's all for now. I'm feeling alright - still have to make my 6 week appointment though. Ryan is on his paternity leave for another week so I just have to wait a bit longer to learn what my NEW normal day is going to be like. Wish me luck.