Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alanna Rachel has arrived!

First the stats:

Alanna Rachel born April 19, 2010 at 7:12 pm.
7 pounds, 15 ounces
19.75 inches long

(Please note that in the following pictures I have been in labor and don't exactly look my best.)

Finally, she's here. It took awhile, but we made it and everybody is healthy - the most important thing.

Monday morning we arrived at the hospital to be induced at 6 am. After getting checked in (and eating) they finally started the pitocin somewhere between 8 and 9. Somewhere about noon they broke my water and the contractions really started coming hard so it was time for the epidural.

The first epidural didn't take. Over an hour later, after messing with the drugs and trying different things they decided to re-do it.

The second epidural they couldn't get in and it would not work so they had to try again.

On the third try it finally was proper and I was blessedly numb and could sleep for the rest of the labor.

They were very busy that day and the usual 1:1 ratio of nurse to patient was now 1:2. Since I was an easy patient, sleeping, and my monitors were all fine they apparently hadn't checked on me for hours. It was past 6 pm when I woke up (numb still) and told Ryan to get a nurse because I felt a lot of pressure and something was going on.

The nurse shows up, checks me and is astonished to find that the baby is coming -- right then. Not crowing, but close. So they hurriedly set everything up and in a short time Alanna comes into the world.

me after they say they have to set up to deliver the baby

meeting Alanna

strong, healthy baby girl

it is so amazing how much she and Will look alike

Proud daddy

We had to stay in the delivery room for 2 hours and then we finally went upstairs for the recovery part. I did have visitors! Mom and Will came Tuesday to see the baby and Pastor Darrin and Erin stopped by as well. Then on Wednesday morning I was surprised to have our senior pastor and wife come by to visit. That was so nice of them.

me with my babies

the whole family


Grandma and big brother Will meeting Alanna

The hospital requires a 24-hour observation of babies, but since Alanna was born late in the day we had to stay longer because they don't want people having to leave late in the evening. Wednesday afternoon we finally got to go home. It is so nice to be home! Lots of adjusting though... and the soreness and recovery are no joke.

Will has been very interested in his new sister. He likes to pat her and "hold" her. He's been my little helper getting me the pillow when it's time to nurse and letting me know when she's crying (like I can't already hear it). My mom has been so much help as well. I feel more sore this time than with Will so moving around can be slow. We're still working on the feeding and sleeping... but at least it seems like the milk has finally come in. I hope we can sleep better tonight.

Maya has also been very interested in the baby. She's really into sniffing her and I think she might become protective of the little one. We'll just have to wait and see.

sleeping in the living room play pen

sleeping in the boppy swing

Will being a good brother. He loves "holding" Alanna

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Being Induced on Monday!

No baby yet.

We had our appointment on Friday where I got checked out again. I was about 3 cm dialated and still 50% effaced but the baby was lower. She re-stripped my membranes, did a non-stress test which turned out great and I had another ultrasound to check the fluid, which was also still good. After talking with the doctor, we're inducing on Monday morning.

Baby SHOULD be here Monday at the latest (tomorrow).

We could have waited until Tuesday, but I really did not want to have a baby born on 4/20. Not only are there family members with that same birthday, but it is also Hitler's birthday, the anniversary of the Columbine shootings, and Marijuana Appreciation Day -- those I could name off the top of my head.

Another thing to mention: during the ultrasound we learned the baby has really grown in size. Before they were saying she MIGHT make it to 7 pounds and now they're saying she's probably going to be closer to 8 pounds. The technician says she looks very chunky, chubby cheeks and fat little legs. We'll see what she looks like when she actually comes out. LOL

Oh, and we had some MAJOR issues with TriWest and them saying the referrals were messed up and they weren't going to pay for all my OB care. After I fought with them and really ended up no where, the clinic I go to was able to go to bat for me and figured everything out with the insurance and it's all taken care of. What a sigh of relief! The only thing is that if I have to have a C-section some fancy, quick footwork will need to be done to adjust the insurance. Hopefully that won't happen... as it is my doc thinks that I shouldn't have any problems with delivery especially since I've already gone through it before (also with Pitocin).

Things here at the house are going fine. My dad went home yesterday so he didn't get a chance to see the baby. Mom is still here and has been a BIG help with Will. In fact, it's almost as if he prefers her now. Maya is in love with her also.

Last night Ryan and I went to a movie while Will stayed with Grandma. It is probably the last one for just the two of us for quite some time. We saw "Date Night" and it was FUNNY! Might actually buy that one.

Practically done with baby preparations. Have to talk with the Pastor today about a baby dedication probably next Sunday before my mom leaves. Oh, and while at Target I finally found the perfect diaper bag for the baby! It is actually a lunch box, but so cute and better than the small diaper bags I found at other stores. It's not like I have to carry much - change of clothes, diapers, wipes and my nursing cover... the bag I found will work great!

Anyway, stay tuned in the next few days at least on Facebook and we should have baby details once she's born.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Waiting for the baby...

Not much going on right now. My parents did arrive on Saturday and went to church with us on Sunday then left for the Grand Canyon. Not sure if they have cell service 'cause I haven't heard from them. LOL.

I really thought this baby would come early... now I'm thinking that she'll be late and I'll have to be induced. Ug.

Not really having any contractions, maybe one or two occassionally, but nothing for real.

I'm really just trying to rest now. I've been incredibly sleepy. Last night I fell asleep before I put Maya to bed. The entire night she slept at my feet like a good puppy. We had no incidents. But I'm sure it helped that when I got up at 3 a.m. to use the bathroom she got a potty break too.

Will is now in a big boy bed. He began climbing out of the crib so we transitioned it to the toddler day bed. The "safety rails" didn't fit right (which is dumb because the whole thing came in a package together) but that's okay... it's close to the ground and he hasn't fallen out of bed at all. Will really likes the freedom, though it makes for forcing naps a problem sometimes. I've gone in there a few times and found Maya sleeping with him... she apparently likes the freedom as well.

Oh, and a friend of mine, Mandie, took maternity photos of me. I don't have them yet, but I did copy one that she edited already. Hopefully I'll post more once I have them loaded on my computer. So I guess you could say this photo is at, what, 39/40 weeks??

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. Ours was actually pretty good and relaxing. My Uncle Ron, Aunt Melissa and cousin Zach were visiting and left Easter morning but it was really nice to have some family around.

Saturday we went to a Mariners vs. Rockies Exhibition Game here in Albuquerque. Mariners lost and the game was pretty boring but it was fun to at least go out and see it. Everybody got sun burned except for me... Ryan's is pretty bad. Well, I told him to put sunscreen on multiple times and was ignored.

Anyway, since we went to the baseball game we missed the church and base Easter Egg hunts. Our babysitter, Hannah, took Will to her home where they were having a little Easter Egg hunt for her niece so Will was included and seemed to have a wonderful time. I asked her to take a bunch of pictures... that's why I have no pics of the baseball game. LOL

Will showing off his egg basket at our house.
Coloring Easter Eggs at the Henry's.

Messing with their dogs.

This year Will finally understood the idea of picking up the eggs and putting them in the basket.

Still collecting...

Checking out his stash!

Messing with their kitty. This boy loves animals.

So after all that fun at Hannah's house with her family he came home and later that evening did Easter stuff with mom.

Coloring more Easter Eggs

This year I let him put the eggs in the dye, but it's hard to keep Will from wanting to put his whole hand in there. At least I prevented getting dye everywhere!

Easter Morning was church. Will looked so handsome in his little outfit and he loved his Easter baskets. Since he realizes there's candy in them he won't stop poiting at them every chance he gets. But unfortunately for him, he doesn't get to eat candy all day. :)

Easter Morning in the spiffy outfit going through the Easter baskets.

He really wanted to eat this one so he wanted me to open it.
... but I wasn't going to have him going to church with chocolate all over his cute clothes!

A quick snapshot of Will in the church foyer after service.

I realized we didn't get a family photo. Ryan was avoiding the camera because of his sunburn, but we all were dressed up. Ryan had to wear slacks and a button shirt and even I wore a dress. Got many compliments that I looked VERY pregnant, LOL. Afterwards we went to a fun brunch with church friends then came home and napped the afternoon away. What a great Easter!

Oh, and a quick pregnancy update: Baby is fine. At the appointment I was 2 cm dialated and 50% effaced. My OB says that when the contractions finally start it shouldn't take too long (like it did with Will). At my next appointment (Thursday) they're supposed to strip my membranes and my parents arrive on Saturday evening. We should have a baby anytime.