Friday, February 26, 2010

Going through pictures.

We had a little scare this week with Ryan's work. There is a deployment coming up but "they" didn't know if it was for a Captain or Lt. Colonel -- how "they" get them confused, I don't know.

Anyway, if it was a Captain wanted, Ryan would be in that pool with a high probability of going. And the time to leave would be before the due date of the baby. That was kinda sucky, but what can you do? I told him we'd cross that bridge IF we came to it.

Today we found out it is NOT a Captain "they" want so we're safe.

I laughed and told Ryan that if he had to go I would need my mom around more than ever and would probably spend a couple months in Washington since I'd have a newborn, a 2-year-old and a puppy and no other real obligations. But it won't come to that.

We're still grinding away at our house. We finally have stuff on the walls except in the bedrooms and one part of the hallway. The hallway should get finished this weekend or at least next week. Ryan also put our entry way table together and it is very nice. The 9-drawer dresser arrived as well as the nightstand. They look great. With the next paycheck we order our headboard! Whoo!

Not much else going on. Will was sick the other day. He didn't have a fever but couldn't keep anything down. The next day he seemed completely fine.

I've been going through ALL our digital photos and creating photo albums. I finally decided that with the remaining Japan ones I'll just create one, huge album. Ug... it's already over 70 pages and there are still a few things that haven't been included yet. It's been fun re-living our early years in Japan but I have to say it is wonderful being in the United States again. I've included 2 fun pictures I found. The one is of Ryan standing at the Yokohama waterfront with Rainbow bridge in the background. That was from one of our first outings when we went to see the Russian Ballet perform the Nutcracker on Christmas Eve. The second was just a neat one I found of me, but my eyes looked SO green... despite the glare on my face making my nose look huge. LOL
That's all for now.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sewing Projects

I have completed my sewing projects! YAY! I felt bad I never really made Will a real quilt when he was born so before I made the new baby's quilt I should get his done. I think it turned out really well. The batting is doubled and the backing is fleece so it is one thick, warm blanket. It is too large to really be a "baby" blanket and too small to fit a twin bed so I call it the "big boy" blanket.

And this is the baby blanket for our baby girl. I'd never done a pin-wheel pattern and it was a bit weird, but I think it also turned out well. With both quilts I did a different way of sewing all 3 parts together and I think it's easier than quilt binding or bringing the backing to cover the seam. Anyway, this is just single layer batting with a fleece backing, but it's still nice and heavy.

And for kicks I just needed to share this picture. Maya really is Will's best friend... and as you can see his blanket comes to good use especially during nap time.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby news

We're still doing alright. Currently I'm 31 weeks along... at least 9 more to go. My doctor says that she really only allows for a week and a half overdue so we'll see what happens. Everything is looking good!

My mom and dad are securing their plans. They're supposed to come a few days before my due date (April 15) but then they're getting a rental car and vacationing at the Grand Canyon for a few days. If anything starts happening I can give them a call and they'll rush back. My dad will leave after about a week (I think) but my mom is going to stick around until the end of the month to help with the new baby.

No, we still don't have names picked out. I have decided girls are harder to name than boys. There's one name I'm sorta pressing for with Ryan and he's warming up to it so we'll see...

In other news, I have a number of projects going on. Will's quilt is nearly done; just needs batting, the backing, tied and the binding put on. The hard part is finished. I've started on the baby girl quilt and that is going to be a pain. Much more difficult, but I think it will look cute.

Also, I'm finally catching up on my photo albums. I feel so bad that all my pictures are digital. It's not like people will come over and flip through your computer files to see the cool places you've been or things you've done. I have found 2 sites I like - and - where I can upload my photos and have albums printed and sent to me. Right now I've got about 9 done and I'm still working on more. We'll order them over time since this can be costly all at once, but our wedding one is definitely first. We also have a 4-album collection thing for William that I've never printed photos for... so today I picked out 200+ photos to send into Walgreens or someplace like that to get printed and finally finish that up.

And of course, we're still unpacking boxes. My bookshelf is finished so we're going through all our books. We might be getting rid of some and keeping others in boxes in the garage. I can't believe how many textbooks we have!

Some other things I still need to get done are to steam clean the living room floor, shop for a new stroller, go through Will's little baby clothes and pull out those that can be used for the baby girl, and slowly begin preparing the house for a new baby.

Oh, Will and Maya are getting along great. Maya's house breaking is doing so much better. We'll go days without an accident, but they still occassionally happen. She really is turning out to be a good dog.