Monday, January 18, 2010

Back from Vacation Wrap Up

Another Holiday Season finished. We had a wonderful time going home and seeing both of our families. Will had his first Christmas with everyone and although he's still not into the opening of gifts, it was fun and I know future Christmases will be full of excitement for him.

As the only Grandbaby he stood alone in front of all the gifts. We are so blessed and spoiled. I think everyone got great gifts.

On Christmas we did go down to Oregon to see family for dinner. Since we stayed the night we went with my sister Melissa to visit her horse. Will wasn't too sure of her at first, but then his second meeting he went straight up to her. His big thing is calling all animals "kiki" which we find is his word for "kitty". Even our dog is "kiki" now.
During our stay in Washington, Will and I made a trip to Seattle with my sister. We enjoyed Pike Place Market, Seattle Aquarium and the waterfront. At the aquarium Will played on whatever was available... such as the mock up of an orca dorsal fin.
While in Pike Place Market, we went across the street and got some coffee at the first, and original, Starbucks. I even got a special mug!
Our flights home were overall uneventful. But on the flight from Salt Lake City to Albuquerque the guy didn't want to sit by a toddler who was sitting on his pregnant mother's lap so he moved. That allowed Will to have his own seat. He tried very hard to figure out the proper way to put the seatbelt together.

Vacation was good but it's always nice to be home again. I've been really working on organizing certain aspects of the house. Hallway and utility closets are wonderful now. And oddly enough I found many of my missing maternity clothes in a giant box that had not been sorted through since our Hawaii vacation. I also found Ryan's missing blue's pants too.
And now, as an update, the new baby is doing very well. At the latest ultrasound the docs found that the placenta did move so there is no reason for a scheduled C-section. It still looks like a girl and she is measuring nearly exactly at her due date (April 15). Right now I'm about 27 1/2 weeks along.
Yup, this is me at 27 weeks (6 months).

Not much else going on. Ryan starts classes at University of New Mexico and begins to get his basic classes done to start his Masters. I'm still looking for classes for Will and I - no Kindermusik in the local area I can find. Still researching on Gymboree. Maya recently got a hair cut and Ryan says she looks like a bobble-head, and I agree, she does. The house breaking is going better but there are still occassional accidents. We got a steam cleaner for Christmas and I want to clean my carpets but I need time to do it uninterrupted with an additional 4 hours for it to dry.

Oh! And I started another quilt. It is the long-time coming quilt for William. I found a fun block pattern with only 2 colors and it's not very hard. It'll be bigger than a regular baby blanket, but that's only because he'll be growing. I also have a pinwheel quilt block pattern and material that I'll be doing for the new baby girl quilt that I'll start after Will's is done. I just hope I can find the time to get these finished!