Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Farewell to our Fosters

In January we took in our first foster dog. Arden was a brand new mama with 7 tiny puppies.

After 6 months we are back to a one-dog household.

Those tiny adorable puppies turned into big, beautiful puppies and quickly found their homes once they were old enough. I have kept in contact with several of the adopting families and see that those little puppies are now bigger than their mom!
Will with all the puppies on the last night we still had all 7 of them.

Lana with our final remaining puppy on her adoption day.

It took longer to find a place for Arden, but she just went to her forever home last week. The new owner seems to be a perfect fit and they are all adjusting nicely.

I've been asked if it was hard to give them all up and I don't feel it was. With the puppies I was totally ready to pass them on. I mean, after picking up the poop and cleaning the messes of 7 (nearly 15 pound) puppies I was happily handing them over! Arden required work of her own from separation anxiety (tearing up a door frame) and chewing on random things left unattended (R.I.P. the numerous colored pencils and crayons). Additionally, I don't miss the flood of dog hair.

We all had a fun experience. As soon as Arden left, Maya became inseperable from us again. She misses her friend.

Lana and Will have asked if we could get ANOTHER mama dog with puppies. I laugh now, but I think we will do it again. Probably in the fall, depending on what lonely dog is in need of a foster home... and I think we will max out at 5 puppies next time.

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  1. What a cool experience overall - especially for the kiddos!! How fun!