Monday, December 8, 2014

Scarf Swap!

I feel like such a slacker! I'm finally getting around to posting about this.

Several weeks ago I participated in an awesome scarf swap hosted by Jessica. She is an amazing blogger with fun, relateable posts... and she's a MilSpouse! Additioanlly, I got to find a new blogger and get something in the mail. Score!

Jessica Lynn Writes Scarf Swap 2014

Scarves are simple and classy. I do get to wear them occassionally, but always have difficulty picking one out. Not surprisingly, I keep to neutral tones and most of them are winter scarves, not necessarily accessory scarves. Here was a chance to be free and clear of the decision making and enjoy what was given.

I was paired with a sweet blogger up in Minnesota. Lizzy writes at Minnesota Night. She is a teacher with a cute little boy and is currently expecting a baby girl in April. Her blog is so positive that after you click away you leave feeling good. Check it out, I'm sure she'd enjoy the love. Oh, and here's her post on the scarf I sent her.

And now for my box.

I got not one, but TWO scarves sent my way!

Cute, no?

I wore the brown and blue one to Thanksgiving. And I can see myself finding reasons to use the black one, it can coordinate with plenty of stuff in my closet.

Lizzy also sent me some cute nailpolish. I've already worn the blue and will try out the other one soon. Who doesn't love fun colors for their fingers??

Lizzy, thank you so much for the lovely gift. It was nice to "meet" you and be partners for this year.

And if anybody else is intersted, keep tabs on Jessica's blog next year to sign up!

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