Friday, December 19, 2014

In the Breeze 2

With the crazy Christmas season I am having a hard time getting my posts together in time to publish anything. So I figured now was the PERFECT time for a quick catch up and my second installment of In the Breeze.

What I've Been Up To
Helping out big time at the kids' school. Every day this week I have been at the school to help volunteer with whatever is going on. I'm usually only found there twice a week, but there were some fun activites taking place that required prep work plus attending... not to mention decorating the library and office and then cleaning them up!

I've also been getting my house straightened up, decorated, and prepared for Christmas! But with the holiday season there is more to do. There's shopping, wrapping, baking, parties, etc. Just under a week until Christmas and I'm beginning to get burned out already. Maybe I need to change up my Christmas music in the van...

Gilmore Girls on Netflix. And this week also brought the season finale of Survivor! Ah! Love me some classic reality tv! I'm thrilled with who won because honestly, she deserved it. Good game play!

I am still into the Outlander series. I think I'm on book 7?? I've been going through them quickly, but with all the holiday things going on I haven't had as much time to read. They are good though. Can't wait to finish the series soon.

Something to mention
Kind of bummed. I was going to be getting a dog for my brother for Christmas. Everything was all lined up with a friend of mine; collar & leash purchased, shot appointment and spay appointment made, date to take in the dog... everything. My friend was finalizing her divorce and then I find out her (ex) husband took the dog (even though he doesn't want it) and has refused to return it to her or hand it over to me just to be spiteful. I was pissed and frustrated. I was going to find another dog for my brother, but after talking with him it was decided to wait for a bit while some work stuff is arranged. Hey, there's still a small chance that jerk guy will grow some compassion and I can get the dog anyway... but I'm not holding my breath.

Thinking about...
Family coming to visit! I'm so freakin' excited to be hosting Christmas for my whole family this year! The kids know that Uncle Mike is coming, but they are going to be surprised to wake up Christmas morning and see EVERYBODY here. Oh my goodness! I'm already giddy. Can. Not. WAIT!

Found this:

And laughed until I cried. This guy narrarates the lives of strangers and gets their reactions. Oh, it gets better... there are more to be found on YouTube!

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  1. You have been super busy - it's so neat though that you are volunteering in your kids school; that's pretty awesome! :)

    I'm sorry to hear about the dog for your brother; what a jerk that guy is! :(

    I loved the Guy Narrating Stories video - I watched it twice on Facebook - hilarious!!

    I hope you have an amazing Christmas with your family! Merry Christmas!