Monday, December 15, 2014

Fall Farm Trip

Even with our family moving every couple years there are a few "traditions" that I have been trying very hard to keep.

One of them is a trip to a farm in the fall to pick out pumpkins.

This year we found a place called Devine Acres. It was child and family friendly with a very affordable price tag to go with it! I was also looking at a place called South Texas Maize in Hondo but after comparing prices and what was offered I felt Devine Acres would be more suitable for our family with SMALL children.

We drove out to Devine and the kids enjoyed petting and feeding the farm animals.

They roade on the barrell train.

Went down some tube slides and played an a SHADED playground.

There were mazes to run through, volleyball pits, horse shoes, vegetable cannons, hay rides, fire pits, fishing, and MORE! We didn't do everything, but the kids ran through one maze with Ryan and later father was teaching son how to play horseshoes.

We did some panning for gemstones

and finally picked our pumpkins!

The day we went it was still pretty hot in the direct sun so we tried to keep hydrated and settled in the shade as much as possible. We enjoyed our time and I can definitely see us going back again.

Devine Acres offers fun times for Christmas and around Easter. Schools can take field trips out there and private parties can also be booked. I'm so glad we found a place to keep up our fall family tradition. It is definitely fun for the whole family!

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