Monday, November 17, 2014

What I've Been Eying VI

Wow... November is halfway over! We had family come into town and my blogging kind of just went on hiatus.

But now I'm back and I hopefully will keep up this month!

We are getting close to Christmas and although I have purchased a few of the items on my previous posts I think some of them will end up on my list this year.

So, here's what I've Been Eying!

1. Let's play a game! Board game, card game, word game... Apples to Apples is kind of all 3-in-1! Well, it isn't really a board game, but it is fun for a family game night! We have a closet shelf that is pretty full of all our different games, but I discovered we don't own this one! I love Apples to Apples! I think I need to get it soon.

2. Pasta Roller Attachments for my KitchenAid Mixer. It's no secret that I love my mixer. Ryan got it for me several years ago and it is a special possession of mine. Learning to make fresh pasta is one of my goals and I think if I had these nifty attachments it might just help. Though the price tag definitely gives me pause. (ouch!)

3. Jewelry organization is lacking in my bedroom. My necklaces are always tangled and it drives me nuts. A couple years ago a friend showed me her new purchase: an over-the-door mirrored jewelry cabinet. SOLUTION! There are several options online to look at with different color choices and many of them can even be free standing.

4. When it comes to shopping for my kids Alanna is super easy to buy for. Ponies, barbies, princesses... her interests are pretty typical for a 4 year old girl. William is more difficult. Although he does like Spiderman, he is more interested in toys that require manipulation, piecing together, and spatial thinking. Legos and Lincoln Logs are fun, but we are always searching for something new. At a previous church they had something similar to these Interlocking Gear Toys I found online (but these ones have lights!!!) so I think I may have found his Christmas present.

5. This month's book choice is slightly off for me considering I have been enamored with the Outlander series for the past several weeks. I love it when an author allows me several books to really get close to the characters. I will be sad when it ends. With that in mind I was looking for another series and Jim Butcher's Dresden Files has peaked my interest. I've read his Codex Alera series (and enjoyed it) so I'm tempted to take it on. It is not yet a finished series (even at, what, 16 books??) but it might be fun to jump in and tackle it.

Now that you've seen my window shopping... what have YOU been eying??

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  1. Oooh! I have been looking at a the pasta attachment too! I think it'd be so fun to make homemade noodles!