Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Teaching Kids a 10-Digit Phone Number

My family and I have had the pleasure of moving every few years. This means that although we are residents of one state, we have an address in a different state, our car is currently registered in another state, and our cell phone numbers are from, you guessed it, yet another different state.

Since we have moved "frequently" and change home phone numbers, it makes memorizing our local number difficult for the kiddos. It is hard enough having them learn the new home address without mixing it up with the previous one (or two). To be honest, there are times I have to pause and run through 3 or more zip codes before I get it right.

With this in mind we decided it was important for Will & Lana to memorize my cell phone number... all 10-digits of it.

How to best help them? With a SONG! I did some quick searches online for tunes to help with a 10-digit number. Most were for the basic 7-digit, but I did strike gold.

Row Row Row Your Boat is a tune that works! See the lyrics below and then my suggestions for the rhyme depending on your final number.

10-Digit Phone Number to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat
I know my phone number
It is so much FUN
0-9-8... 7-6-5

Suggestions for rhyming (or make up your own variation):
  • 1 - it is so much fun
  • 2 - let me sing to you
  • 3 - listen to me sing or listen and you'll see
  • 4 - hear me sing some more
  • 5 - I will sing it live or listen to me jive
  • 6 - this is just the trick or here is my fix
  • 7 - I can shout to heaven
  • 8 - I am so first rate or listen and I'll state
  • 9 - I really know it fine
  • 0 - I'm a super hero

I hope this little trick can help your kids as well as it did mine!

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  1. What an awesome idea! We are a few years away from teaching Kid the phone number, but I will definitely have to keep this in mind! Okay, and I've already started to sing the song myself with our phone number! Great idea!