Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween came and went. I can't believe how quickly it showed up! I meant to post about this on Monday... life happened. But, anyway, it was a fun night.

Usually I make the kids' costumes, but this year Will wanted to be Spiderman. I hemmmed and hawwed for awhile about how I would pull that off considering he wanted the "muscles" from the store costumes. In the end I decided to make life easy on myself and just bought them both the costumes they wanted off the store shelves.

It was done. It was simple. And in the end I probaby saved a bunch of money.

The night before Halloween we carved our pumpkins. Not surprisingly, I ended up doing most of the work. Will was scraping out quite a bit but Lana kept saying how "gross" and "sticky" the insides were and not wanting to do the work. Helping me to clean them out, hubby came to the rescue.

Since we went with small pumpkins we didn't do the fancy stencils. I gave the children choices of eyes, nose, and mouth and they got to create their own pumpkin faces for me to carve. Doubling the lights inside gave them an interesting appearance.

On Halloween we all put on in our fun costumes (except Ryan). Will as Spiderman, Lana as Belle, and I pulled out my trusty pirate costume I made back in 2009.

We started kind of early (6:30-ish). It hasn't been getting dark here until rather late so the sun was still very much UP when we did our trick-or-treating. Since our kids don't need a ton of candy and they are still young, we just took them around the block of our neighborhood. They loved it, of course.

Back at our house we settled down to hand out candy. This is my favorite part... I love to see the fun costumes and the cute little kids too shy to say anything. I think it is Will and Lana's favorite part too! With it being a warm evening (very different from in Ohio) we sat on the porch in our chairs to greet the trick-or-treaters. At one point Alanna's Pre-school teacher came by... apparently she lives just a street over from us. Will and Lana were crazy excited to see her and show her our decorations and their costumes.

Eventually the night ran down. Treats were gone. The lights turned off. We tried to limit the candy being consumed, but I'm pretty sure they sneaked more than we saw. Oh well. That's the fun part of being a kid on Halloween!

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  1. It looks like you guys had an awesome night for Halloween! :) It's so neat that you do stuff as a family together - like carve pumpkins. I wish we could have been out there with you!