Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Look Back: Lake Kawaguchiko & Shiraito Falls

After being able to find and download all my old Myspace blogs I am doing some look backs on the adventures we experienced while living in Japan. These have been left exactly how I wrote them in my early 20's -- in all my immature, na├»ve, and ineloquent glory. Pictures have been added.

This was William's first real exploration outside of our city in Japan. He was just a couple weeks shy of 3 months old.

May 23, 2008

This memorial day weekend I decided that we MUST get out of the area. Ryan needed a break, but more than anything I really wanted to go somewhere since I hadn't really gone anyplace since Will was born.

So... off we went to the Mt. Fuji area. Our first stop was at Lake Kawaguchiko (where I went with my parents). Problem was that Ryan was navagating and we took a wrong turn. It all turned out well though because we ended up at a different park. Will ate, and got a change, and we walked by the lake and saw some ducks. Then off we went to find the original park I was looking for. We walked along on the nature trail then stopped off and got some ice cream. Of course every person we ran into had to stare at Will and exclaim "kawaii!" translation: "cute".

What made Ryan really happy is that there were very few people around... an uncommon occurance in our area.

Next we decided to go to Shiraito falls. I'd heard about it, knew the base took tours there, and saw it on our map so we decided to head over there. It was about 30-45 minutes away from Kawaguchiko... not too bad. We got there (with some directional issues thanks to the navagator) and headed to the falls. Ryan decided to bring the stroller... I was against it 'cause I figured there would be some climbing or something.

We followed the walkway to the falls: beautiful! Some guy even took a picture of the three of us for us. Then I see the real Shiraito falls part and there is a long stair trail to them. We asked some shop keepers if we could leave our stroller in their place by their bikes and they said that was fine. We hiked on down and enjoyed the view.
Otodome Falls (translation: Stop the Sound)

They really are pretty! Will seemed facinated by the people and smells and noises. These old guys stopped us as we were heading down so they could take a picture of us three like we're some freak show. I think they were more interested in our baby... you know he is just adorable!

Shiraito Falls (translation: threads of silk or silk curtain)
Anyway, after the falls we headed back, stopped at McDonalds for food and then went all the way home. It was a lovely day. I only got a little sunburnt and I think it was mostly from driving.

Will was WONDERFUL! He slept practically the entire time we were in the car. He isn't eating as often now so that makes things easier too. His only issue was when we were going home. I think he was just ready to be done and cried off and on the entire way - about 2 hours. Ryan said he enjoyed himself too and was happy to see another aspect of Japan.

I think in the future I want to make another trip out to that area. On the drive I saw signs for Icicle Lava Caves and Bat Caves and I still want to see the other 3 lakes I haven't been too. We also discussed making a trip to the 5th station of Mt. Fuji just to re-visit and such --- I'm not climbing that thing again.

Oh, and I should mention that we, of course, had lovely views of Mt. Fuji. Unfortunately there was a lot of snow on it and many clouds so it doesn't turn out too well being photographed.

All in all, great day! Tomorrow we relax, recover, and clean the house.

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