Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Just what I needed: Coffee with a Friend

I had the wonderful pleasure of joining a friend and her beautiful baby boy for coffee this morning. Because I head out right after dropping off the kids at school, I'm there first. My handy Kindle keeps me company (best gift ever!).

Here's the thing about me meeting people for coffee: I'm only a social coffee drinker. I know... I'm from the Seattle area and I'm not addicted to caffeine! Say what?! But I will happily meet up with people and get a drink. And it is usually decaf. Especially like today where I hadn't eaten anything. I get jittery anyway if I drink normal coffee, but if I have nothing in my stomach beforehand I turn into this crazy, frenzied woman who won't stop talking (and notably shaking).

Usually Jessica and I do our running together several times a week, but she's still waiting for results from her x-ray and currently has her foot stuck in a boot from a possible stress fracture so we have not been meeting.

I miss it.

Although I don't enjoy running, I love spending that time with Jessica. We talk about life, share stories, grumble about the typical marriage/family issues, and give encouragement. This friend is special since we are the same age, made it through AFIT together, and as she is a school psychologist she understands the stuff we go through with William.

So, after not meeting for about a week I texted her and basically said that we needed to meet up for coffee since I have been missing our time together. She felt the same.

I'm thankful for her. This is the first place we've been stationed where I already had a true friend from before and it has made things easier. I am making new friends here, but it takes awhile to get to know people well. It makes me wonder what a long term friendship with somebody since childhood would be like since I don't have that... I guess you can say it is a by product of growing up a military child. As it stands, my best friend is a 10.5-hour drive away and my closest "real" family member nearly a 12-hour drive in the opposite direction.

This makes me want to give advice: wherever you are, no matter how long you have lived there or how many friends you already have -- there is always room in your life to make new ones. You never will know what you're missing or how much your life can grow if you keep your personal walls up!

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