Friday, October 10, 2014

In the Breeze

From what I've discovered, many bloggers who try to keep up a regular schedule have difficulty coming up with topics. I mostly write about things going on in our lives... which isn't always fascinating. Other times there are minor things that occur which I barely mention.

Several bloggers that I follow have created a sort of bullet list update to let readers know of different things going on. (Jessica, I'm thinking of you and Casey foremost!)

With this week being what it was... this works for me. If I were to chat with you, say shoot the breeze, this is what I would likely talk about.

What I've Been Up To
Being boring! While the kids are at school I either go running or volunteer at the school (last time I was in the library shelving books). When Lana is home I do some chores, read, watch something, and play with her. I have made a new friend so occasionally we hang out and try to do something fun (usually with Lana in tow). I feel like a lame-o! Nothing very exciting has been going on. I feel bogged down by the kids' school, therapies, housework, and taking care of everybody else that when I don't have something pressing I really just want to kick back and chill.

I'm so happy the fall season of shows is FINALLY back on! Survivor, Amazing Race, Grey's Anatomy, Doctor Who, DWTS! Ahh! It fills up the lonely time in the evening when the kids are in bed and Ryan is doing his own thing. Besides cable, I've got my Netflix. After finishing Grand Hotel (amazing - if you don't mind subtitles or if you speak Spanish) and the final season of HIMYM I have moved on to catching up on Bones and recently discovered Gilmore Girls (which I have never seen).

Everything I can get my hands on! With our Amazon Prime account I was able to sign up for a free month subscription of Kindle Unlimited. I can't stop finding good things to read... but I'm still uncertain if it is worth $10 a month. Last week I read Brave New World among other books. A few days ago I finished an interesting biography on Prince Leopold (the son of Queen Victoria who suffered from hemophilia). Currently I'm reading an abridged copy of The Princess Bride. Today I borrowed Gone Girl from my friend so I may have to give P.B. a break to finish the new book so I can see the movie soon.

Something to mention
I don't think I shared yet, but we have fish. The kids each picked out a Beta and every morning they are thrilled to feed them. It's my responsibility to clean out the tank though. Will has a blue fish he named Joey. Lana got a purple-ish fish she named Twilight Sparkle. I don't care if people think fish are boring, I love having them and the kids feel responsible for them.

Thinking about...
A long road trip. Tegan and I are still discussing our road trip to Washington with the kiddos next summer. I really hope it works out because besides seeing family sometimes I really just want to be back in the Pacific Northwest for a spell. Also, I've been seeing the Balloon Fiesta pics blowing up my FB wall so I'm kind of missing Albuquerque too. I really did think about running away for a long weekend by myself to spend some time in ABQ which would just happen to coincide with Balloon Fiesta, but figured I needed to stick around and take care of life here.

The Boy
Will's therapies truly picked up this week. Poor kid is getting worn out... and we haven't added one final therapy yet. His days are long and with nightly homework from both school and therapy I think he gets pretty angry at me. But last night I turned on one of the DIY or HGTV channels for a bit before bedtime and he curled right up with me and chatted with me about the work being done on the houses. He loves watching construction and demolition work. I'm glad we can do it together.

The Girl
Alanna is blossoming in school. She absolutely loves it. Everyday she comes home singing songs or telling me about what one of her friends did in class. Her quick ability to learn is evident and her teacher always comments on how bright she is. I am aware of this, especially when working with Will on his homework. Lana wants to please me by trying to answer questions before her brother and I just need her to go back to her Wild Kratts show (which she loves) so Will can do his own homework! The kid has been dragged around to all her brother's therapies since she was born. Sometimes I feel bad that neither of them have much time to just go play outside at home, but this is the hand we've been dealt.

Found this:
The other day I came across a blog article and the writer is the mother of a son with Apraxia. She posted 5 Truths Apraxia Will Teach You and I cried when I read it. She gets it. I get it. I looked around her site and found other posts she'd written about being a mom of a special needs kid... I swear, I found a kindred spirit.

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