Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Look Back: Hiking Mt. Takao with the Vaders

After being able to find and download all my old Myspace blogs I am doing some look backs on the adventures we experienced while living in Japan. These have been left exactly how I wrote them in my early 20's -- in all my immature, na├»ve, and ineloquent glory. Pictures have been added.

We had been living in Japan for about 8 months... I was homesick and lonely when some family friends were in Japan to see their old exchange student (with her family) and stopped by to visit. Then they took me on an adventure to Hike Mt. Takao.

May 4, 2006
I am beat. It was a great day... and now I am exhausted!
Norm & Shirley Vader came into Japan and took the time to visit with us which was totally awesome of them. They are a wonderful couple and I can only hope my marriage is as good as theirs someday. Along with them came a Japanese family of four they were staying with.

Anyway, after much confusion with cars (mine was too small) we had American food for lunch and just caught up on things. We did some base shopping and all that, they came over, we watched the planes, pet the rabbit, drove around the base... la de da de da.
we had a little bunny named Max.
this picture is more for posterity sake: what our old apartment looked like
Ryan had to work, so we high jacked him before leaving and he got to spend about 10 minutes in all visiting with us. He then returned to work.
oh wow! Flashback: Old school BDUs!
I was invited to hike Mt. Takao with everyone, which I happily accepted. OMG!!! I am so tired! I'd say it's probably a moderate hike... it's not a climb, but it's no walk in the park. We rode the cable car up to a certain point, which was a cool ride. I swear, it felt just like Disneyland only the conductor spoke in Japanese and I had no idea what he was saying. As we went along the trails there were gorgeous views to see, uneven and rocky stairs, gravel, temples, shrines, trees and plants. There were also dogs and people. At the top you could see Mt. Fuji, but unfortunately it wasn't completely clear so we could just make out the outline of the volcano.
Me with Shirley and her former exchange student's family. Norm was taking all the photos.
From the cable car stop to the top it probably took about an hour to an hour and a half. Getting down took like a third.
We were all hungry so we went to Tachikawa for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. I probably had the best fried rice in my life there. After that I came home... to an already sleeping husband.
Of course, I was a genius and did not bring my camera to all of this. The batteries were dead anyway. So once the Vaders get home and make a disc or something, they'll send me the pictures.

Peace ya'll! I'm going to bed now.

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