Monday, September 8, 2014

Snowy Day Reflections

It's hot here. Ridiculously hot.

And as my son perfectly stated after living here about a month: This Texas is just too hot... everyday!

Although I am only somewhat grumbling about the heat, I will gladly take the hotness over the incredibly COLD winter we suffered through in Ohio. I mean, it was the kind of cold that you go outside and your face hurts. You couldn't even take a deep breath through the nose without a scarf or your hand covering your nostrils or you'd get ice crystals on your nose hairs. Stupidly cold. Darn you polar vortex!

As we swelter through the summer in San Antonio (with not real idea on when it will turn cooler... late October? Sometime in November?) I decided to look back on the fun snow experiences we had in Dayton during the winter.

We actually didn't get to spend much time outside in the snow. With the windchill it was often in the negative by double digits. On those rare occasions we were above 0 degrees I would try to get us outside, even if it was only for a few minutes because the kids loved it so much... Maya only somewhat enjoyed it.
Sadly, we never got around to building a snowman, but the kids did use their sand toys and make different castles.
We made snow angels...
went sledding...
and Will became my helper by shoveling snow. I mean, this kid really liked to shovel snow and actually did a good job!
William was helpful because Ryan was busy with AFIT so he wasn't home to do our sidewalks or driveway. Base housing had a rule that you had to have your walkways cleared by a certain time so I was the one who was usually working it (with Will and Lana "helping"). Except for the one day where we had a layer of ice on the snow I didn't mind the labor... it was a good workout.

I think I may miss the snow this winter. I highly doubt we'll be seeing it down here. But then again, I honestly will NOT miss that freezing cold weather that even came back and snowed on my flowers in APRIL! Outrageous!
The snow and cold wasn't always fun, but we do have some fun memories from it.

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  1. What a great way to mentally cool off! It sounds like winters in Ohio were awful! I doubt you'll get snow in SA, but maybe it'll cool down to the 40's - cool, but not frigid - sounds nice. :) Love the pictures of winter - a very nice mental reprieve indeed.