Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembering After 13 Years


I've been posting regularly on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule but this week I decided to leave Wednesday blank and post today.

It's now been 13 years since our nation was changed and we entered what is called a "post 9/11 world."

Three years ago I posted about where I was when the towers fell.

Sometimes it still seems surreal.

I've never been to that part of New York. The only part of New York I have visited was the drive to Niagara Falls and back from Ohio. Someday I'd love to travel to New York City and one of my stops will be the 9/11 Memorial and Museum because I just feel the need to experience it. Yes I saw the planes hit the towers. Yes I saw those towers fall. I've read first hand accounts and seen/heard interviews from those who made it out just like the rest of the world. But I think there is something sacred about stepping foot into the place where it happened and being there it in person.

I've been to Pearl Harbor.

I've been to Hiroshima.

I've been to the Alamo.

Sacred places to be remembered. Like those beaches at Normandy.

I really don't have something profound or eloquent to say. Usually when September 11th comes around I don't feel a huge weight coming on in the days leading up to it, in fact a majority of the time it passes and I take a moment to reflect when I finally realize what day it is. That could be because I have had very little kids and if I even knew what day it was I was busy just keeping everybody going.

Right now with all the crazy stuff going on with Iraq and Israel and Russia and questions STILL not answered about Benghazi... things just seem off. I know this country is tired of war. Overall I think a large portion of America isn't even impacted by it. They've been jaded. But I live in a military city. I am aware my husband can be called away. My brother too. The decisions made for this country actually can affect me.

I guess I just want people to take a moment to remember what got us here. Now I'm not a very political person but I try to stay aware of what is going on around the world and the impacts on America. And when it is time to vote I look into the issues and read up on the candidates before I do my civic duty. My request is that you do the same so that we can find new, strong leadership for this country when election season is upon us.

For now, I suggest taking a moment to pause and remember. Pray for our leaders. Pray for our military. Pray for our Allies. Pray for those who lost family and friends in those attacks 13 years ago because I'm certain they are still affected to this day.

** The picture from this post was one I snapped in 2011 at an amazing Memorial Day ceremony in Yuba City, California.

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