Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our Maya Puppy

The beginning of this month was our little dog's birthday.

My fluffy Havanese is now 5 years old! Will and Lana got a kick out of the fact that the dog actually has a birthday. We didn't celebrate, but I did acknowledge it. Maya was given a treat.

I recently looked back into some old photos. It's crazy to remember she used to fit in a single hand. Even now, she's only 10 pounds... but she used to be TINY! I remember driving out to pick up this teensy ball of fur in northern New Mexico on a bright and beautiful November day.

Overall, Maya has been a good little girl. She's not the brightest crayon in the box, but she sure is sweet. Really, she lays around to cuddle and sleep most of the day with bouts of energy to play and chase toys. She is so good natured, even going down playground slides with/for the kids. Maya tolerates a lot, which makes her great with anybody: small children, babies, and other dogs.

Will and Maya are close friends, always have been.

And Alanna dotes on her.

What a special little member of our family! Happy 5 years Maya!


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  1. Happy Birthday Maya! :)

    She really is such a good dog. :)