Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tegan Visits Texas Part 1

She came! She came! OMG She came!

My best friend, Tegan, loaded up her three kids and drove from New Mexico for two days to visit me for a week! I hadn't seen her in just over 2 years and it was so good to have her here with me. What was even better is that it was like we picked up right where we left off -- the special connection in a good friendship.

Tegan and kids arrived on Wednesday, the day after my sister left us. So for 2 weeks I didn't feel lonely or that weird disconnection that comes when you first PCS to a new place. It was great. Our kids got along really well. They played and shared and all fights were pretty easily resolved.
 The day after their arrival, Tegan and I got ALL 5 car seats in my van and began our adventures.

Girls in the front.

Boys in the back.

The first stop was to Fort Sam Houston where we grabbed lunch and then drove around, lost, looking for the Quadrangle. I had seen on local military spouses pages that it was a great place to take kids since it is in a fenced off location on base and has a bunch of non-aggressive ducks, geese, peacocks, and deer to feed. Eventually we did find it.
I realize my son is wearing red stripes with blue plaids, but he dressed himself that morning!
The children had fun, as did we. There was more to see around us with the old buildings, but with the little ones it wasn't exactly the best time to go on a history tour. We got pictures of the kids, hit the restrooms, and allowed them to check out the tank and helicopter on display outside the walls.

Apparently there's also a Ft. Sam Museum which we would have loved to see. Tegan and I enjoy history, sightseeing, and travels which I think is what connected us originally. We're not afraid to just load up the kids and go on adventures. In fact, while she was visiting we shared our past photo albums with each other and laughed at how often it was us in the books, not our spouses.

After being in the San Antonio heat, we got back to my place, changed into swim suits and spent some time at our pool. Tegan's kids originally weren't to comfortable with the water but they got more brave and I was able to take a couple of them into the deeper water. Her son really enjoyed our water sprayer toys.
On Friday morning Will had therapy so Tegan stayed with the kids at my house and once Will and I returned we started up our touring again. In the afternoon we all went to the Alamo. I learned something that day. Don't go to the Alamo on Friday. The Air Force Basic Military Training Graduation happens every week so Friday is the day these brand new graduates can go offbase with their families... who are usually visiting from out of town. It's more full of tourists than it is on other weekdays. Thankfully it wasn't too bad and we all went through without too much incident. All 5 kids did great following the rules inside the Alamo (no touching ANYTHING) and were quiet and kept right with us. Outside we toured the grounds, took pictures, and went through the museum part in the barracks.
Then we were hungry. So we decided to cross down to the Riverwalk to explore and grab dinner.

You know how I just said don't go to the Alamo on Friday? Well, don't go down to the Riverwalk on Friday night. Wowzers! It was crowded! We would have liked walking around but there were just too many people down there. I had both of my kids in a death grip and Tegan did the same while also wearing the youngest. For convenience sake we went to the same restaurant I went to on Sunday with my sister. I knew it was affordable, close to where we were, and there was something for the kids to eat.
And wouldn't you know it... I ended up with the same friendly waiter. This time he was too busy to chat. He did remember me but wasn't much of a conversationalist.

For the entire stay, after the kids were in bed Tegan and I enjoyed evenings staying up way too late just chatting, sharing stories, and I got her addicted to Big Brother. I loved it.

We had a few more trips that took place, but I'll share those next week!


  1. You opening comment totally made my day!! :D I am so glad that I was able to come down and see you! We had some really great adventures together! :D

    You got some really great pictures of the kids!