Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Just some venting

I had a different post originally scheduled for today, but I decided to put it on hold for a bit. Either later this week or perhaps next week I'll wrap up about the fun adventures Tegan and I went on while she was visiting. For now I just feel like semi-venting.

I had to have a bit of a run-in with William's therapy already. He has been evaluated and supposedly was placed on the "regular" calendar for scheduled appointments. Well, with school starting he has to have afternoon appointments and they had no openings. As of the end of last week I was told that Will would be receiving no services except 30 minutes of speech once a week. This doesn't work for me considering he is supposed to have 1 hour of speech, 1 hour of occupational therapy, and 1 hour of physical therapy every week. Plus it's a 45 minute drive each way.

The people at therapy are all nice and seem to work well with Will... but he NEEDS to actually have therapy!

After talking with one of the therapists I basically said they had 1 week to figure out a solution to our scheduling conflicts or I would be contacting our case manager and go somewhere else.

Yesterday I think we got it figured out. I was a little annoyed because we showed up only to find out we did NOT have therapy. But we were able to arrange an appropriate schedule. We might have to wait a little bit for physical therapy to start back up, but out of all that he requires I'm not as concerned for PT. He is close to graduating out of it anyway.

So at least that is solved for now.

My other main aggravator is San Antonio traffic. Oh my goodness. It is RIDICULOUS! It's like people don't even know how to drive here. Additionally, I think there are people whose only job is to drive around aimlessly on the highways. It doesn't matter what time of day, there are always lots of cars on the roads... and nobody knows how to drive properly! I have many examples, but I'll only give you two.

While driving down a main freeway there are 2 cars stopped on the large grassy median coming SOUTH. Everyone on my side, going NORTH, is also stopped in order to, I don't know... freakin' stare?!

And then we have merging. Vehicles merging anywhere do not know how to do it. It will be 70 mph and people merge on going 40 mph and apparently don't know where their gas pedal is. This isn't an occasional thing... it's everywhere in the city.


I know I'm just complaining right now. I'm really not even in that big of a bad mood... just annoyed. Been running into some difficulty meeting people overall, but later this week I should be meeting up with my friend from Dayton who also PCS'ed down here and I'm pretty sure that will lift my spirits.

Also? Kids start school soon! It makes me excited but also tears out my heart. How is it my little ones are so big now?! Oh, pray for me.

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  1. I'm really sorry you're having so much trouble with Will's therapy. Maybe it will be a blessing in disguise to switch to a new place?

    Texas roads are definitely crazy - it seems like there are too many unnecessary loops - at least in all the cities I've driven in. You leave Texas, and the craziness goes away, at least a bit.

    I know the situation with Will's therapy is so frustrating. I'll be praying that everything will get worked out soon.