Friday, August 29, 2014

Chapter Closes for Alanna's Digestive Issues

In January I started briefly chronically some problems Alanna was experiencing. In February I mentioned some of the issues we were still enduring. My last update on it was in March where more testing was to be done.

So let me just fill in on what's happened and where we are now.

I had to collect more stool samples (which is awful to do). All those tests basically came back negative.

This was all done in April.

The gastroenterologist in Dayton told me that whatever her digestive issue is, it is not caused by all these horrible things they were testing for. So, kind of a huge sigh on relief on that front... but since we were still dealing with diarrhea we wanted answers. Gastro told us to get referred to allergy.

Because of the crazy that was our life before the PCS we waited and I finally got her in to see the base allergy clinic down here in Texas. Since that time the issue had improved, though it is not gone.

Early on at Wright-Patt, they did blood tests for major food allergies which all came back negative. I wasn't sure what we would find out.

After going over her case I was given a probable answer. They didn't think it was allergy related. They believe it is Toddler's Diarrhea. Gastro had also said this was a possibility.

Basically, it just happens. The children who experience this are still healthy and are growing appropriately. Changes in diet can sometimes help, which we had already done and seen improvement. Cutting out juice and sugary snacks was a big one for her. Supposedly these problems resolve as the child ages and the digestive system becomes more mature.

I sure hope so. We still have incidents, but it is not happening several times a day or even daily anymore. At least once or twice a week now. This I can live with, as long as improvements continue. For now we close the chapter on Alanna's doctors and digestive issues with hope that they do not get worse.

Anyway, before I go I wanted to add this. While at the allergy clinic they did decide to do some basic allergy skin testing: trees, grass, pets, etc.

All those came back negative as well.

So this is what I know: there were times in Ohio where Alanna was experiencing seasonal allergies but she apparently is not allergic to anything. I just hope we won't have those problems here in Texas.

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  1. I'm really glad that you were able to get some resolution, of some sort, and that there isn't anything really serious going on. Lord willing, Alanna will outgrow it pretty soon. :)