Wednesday, August 27, 2014

And school begins

As the weather (hopefully) begins to turn cooler, a special time of year has begun.

Monday, the children of San Antonio started school. And my firstborn started Kindergarten.

He was excited to go. After meeting his teacher last week I was pretty sure he was going to be in the right classroom. It is such a milestone... Kinder. I realize we started him a year late, but I still think it was the right choice, and I think he will grow and learn well in this placement. The difficult part for me is that he is gone all day. All. Day.

My heart felt those tiny tugs and my eyes did well up with tears as from the doorway I watched him settle into the class.

Then before any tears could fall, I walked purposefully back down the hall to see how my daughter was acclimating to her new preschool classroom... I had dropped her off only a few minutes before. It was as if mommy didn't exist. I peeked in and found her sitting quietly at a table with her peers, looking at a book, and smiling as she "read" to herself.

They are getting so big, so fast. I'm proud of them for growing and learning and really becoming their own persons.

Although I enjoy having my "big kids" and the independence and the growing self sufficiency that comes with it, at times I miss those baby and toddler years where the cuddly little ones' world revolved around mommy.

Sentimental, I know. I love my kids and am happy to see them make those steps of growing up. I pray for their safety as they step away from me and continue on their paths of learning.

And then I'm happy to have them come home and tell me about their day and spend time with me. Really, I feel so lost without them with me.

If you've got little ones, or even big ones in school... how did you cope with the time?

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  1. I love the pictures of William and Alanna! (Especially the look on Williams' face) :) The first day of Kindergarten is hard . . . very bittersweet. As you say, there is more self-reliance and all that goes with that, but they aren't babies any more. For me, to fill the time when the kids are all at school (which is only 6 hours a week), I plan on running and studying and writing. Pretty sure 6 hours is not enough time for all of that . . . When all of them are in school though, I plan on working on my novel, actually cleaning the house and getting some sort of routine, maybe doing some daily baking of some sort, working on photo projects, volunteer at the school (maybe in the classroom or the library) and so on. Or, I might go back to school. Or I might sleep all day. I'll have to tell you when that time comes. :) For now, embrace the freedom and look forward to hugging your kids every afternoon and hearing all about their day. :)