Friday, August 8, 2014

Alanna's 4th Birthday

If you remember... back in April my husband had left for Texas, Alanna turned 4, we celebrated Easter, and then my parents came to visit.

While my mom and dad were in Ohio we actually had the larger birthday celebration for Alanna. Since her birthday was the day before Easter we pushed the party back a week so people could attend.

It was a fun, simple party... though it was a randomly HOT day for spring in Dayton.

I was having a very hard time deciding on a theme but then my neighbor made the comment about a cupcake party and shortly thereafter my sister made a similar suggestion. So Cupcake Party it was!

We set out our bigger table and had cupcakes on a stand with a variety of frosting colors and toppings for the kids to decorate with. They could make more than one, adults could make them and it made for pretty easy cake distribution when it was time for cake. Oh, and you can't have sweet without salty so we had a fresh bowl of popcorn which everyone enjoyed.

About a month or two before the birthday, housing had come through and chopped down the large tree in our front yard which used to provide ample shade. Apparently it had been infected by a beetle that was killing it. So although the cupcake party was a great idea it probably would have gone over a lot better if it wasn't hot and in the direct sunlight. Stuff started melting.

Anyway, we also had a little bubble table set up as well as sidewalk chalk for everyone to play with in our large driveway.

Turns out the big entertainment was when my dad was outside making balloon animals. They popped quickly, but all the kids loved them.

Many friends came over and we had a wonderful time sitting around chatting and watching and playing with our children.
We sang happy birthday and Lana blew out candles on her individually decorated cupcake.

Then she got to open presents.
It was a fun time and a great way to see many of our friends before we PCS'ed.


Oh, my little Lana-girl-

What an amazingly bright, bubbly, strong, and opinionated young girl you are. You are a blessing to me! I know God must have some wonderful plans for your life because you have an incredibly strong will and intelligence which are meant for something great. I am thankful to have you in my life. Your energy pulls me in. Your view on the world keeps me in tune to the little things that matter... so many of the joys and curiosities us grown-ups forget about. Oh Alanna, you are funny and friendly, two fantastic traits I hope you retain for your life. Continue to be an encourager and friend, my little spitfire. I love you.


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  1. Wow, Alanna's 4th Birthday bash turned out to be so elegant. These happy faces of the kids are stunning. Love the colorful table décor! This party was designed so perfectly. Gratitude for sharing the photos here. I will definitely use your ideas for my son’s upcoming birthday party that will be held at the local party venue in LA.