Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Therapy Transitions

Our move to Texas has brought on a whole new chapter to William's therapies.

First off, we've now been given a Case Manager to help organize and arrange therapies. So far it has just been okay. The lady is nice, but after being the one on the front lines to set up everything and be on top of insurance referrals and all, it sometimes seems redundant. We also have been given a Clinical Social Worker to help us find additional resources, which is actually helpful!

Oh, and it was NOT a pleasure to meet the PCM for the kids and find out he had no idea what Apraxia was. It feels awkward having to be the one to explain a diagnosis and what this disorder is to a medical professional. He at least put in all our necessary referrals without a pause.

And because there is a HUGE Army hospital with specialists, we were sent there for Will to be evaluated by the military pediatric speech therapist to see if he could be treated there of if he required private, civilian therapy. We discussed his past services and she did a quick eval on him. Surprise: Will has major articulation deficits as well as lack of language. Tell me something I don't know. Then she also asked who gave him the Apraxia diagnosis. I told her there have been 2 developmental pediatricians from 2 different states who have agreed on the diagnosis as well as at least 4 speech therapists who have worked with him. Anyway, she says she isn't sure it is Apraxia because his speech is too good.

I was taken aback by that statement. He speaks too well? The kid has been in fairly intensive speech therapy for 4 years. At the age of 2 he had 1 word, "kiki" which was what he used for "kitty" and basically all other animals. I mean, we've been working on the proper "F" sound for about 6 months and it's STILL not there... and neither are initial "T" or "L" or pretty much any blended sounds! I don't even remember how long it took him to get the "H" sound! Shall we talk about all the improper vowel sounds?!

Anyway, we were referred off base. I lined it up so that we'd get all our therapies at the same place. Unfortunately, where we were sent is over 30 minutes away and with traffic it is closer to 45-60 minutes away. The other week, after an evaluation it took us about and hour and a half to get home because of an accident on the road. Sucks.

William has been evaluated for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy and both the OT and ST will address feeding as needed. He starts up regular appointments beginning in August.

And guess what? They all agree with the Apraxia diagnosis.

The Physical Therapist will only have William on a 6 week calendar and then re-evaluate again because he is getting SO CLOSE to graduating out of it! I was already aware of this before we left Ohio, but I'm thrilled to hear it again. He has already been released from PT on his IEP. Progress!

We've just got to keep that boy focused. Again I hear from the therapists that it is obvious that Will has had a lot of therapy in the past. I'm not exactly certain how they can tell. Maybe it is in the evals? He knows what they're looking for in their questions? I don't know.

So, it looks like all the therapy is falling into place. Lana and I are going to work out what is best to do during our wait times. And I pray that these new therapists are a good fit for William.

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