Monday, July 14, 2014

Easter 2014

I know, I know... we just celebrated the 4th of July... but I needed to get this covered.

Easter was in April. In fact, it was April 20th which was the day after Alanna's 4th birthday.

Ryan had already left so it was just me holding down the fort.

Earlier we did our Easter Egg Hunt at AFIT, but the kids' school was also having Egg Hunts by class. So of course I went to that.
 I had also made my annual Easter Egg Bunnies which Will and Lana passed out to their classmates. They helped me make them this year by putting candy in the eggs and attempting to fold them and they picked out the ribbons.

Oh, and of course Easter preparations are never complete without coloring eggs!

 Alanna's birthday party was scheduled for the following weekend (after Grandma and Grandpa arrived). But you can't have a birthday pass without recognition so the three of us had our own mini celebration. We went out to Gigi's Cupcakes, each of us picked one out and we did a little birthday for Alanna. She also had a few presents just from us and Nana.

When Easter morning dawned, the Easter Bunny had come and gone, leaving us our baskets.
 We got in our Easter clothes, took pictures, and headed off to church.
You may notice that Will is wearing the same shirt and tie as last year. With my random brain I had picked up the incorrect size for this year -- removed the tags and ironed it only to discover when I was putting it on him that it was 2 sizes too small!!! AHHH! Thankfully he still fit in last year's shirt... although just barely.

After church we changed, got our stuff together and headed to the housing clubhouse to meet with friends. Several of us neighbors got together to have a delicious pot luck Easter lunch/dinner. It was so nice! All the kids played around at the playground while the adults looked on and socialized. So relaxing. The weather had been perfect.

Such a nice Easter! I'm glad we had a good time celebrating.

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