Saturday, July 5, 2014

Before He Left

After my husband graduated and he was unable to extend at our base in Ohio we decided he would head to Texas first for in processing and house hunting. After a few weeks he would return and then after school was out we would all travel down to San Antonio together.

Because this was planned, we made sure to spend time together before he left.

One of the places we went was to Cox Arboretum. It is one of Dayton's Metroparks. When we went, the daffodils were all in bloom. I'm sure it is beautiful when everything is green... or even in the fall with all the colored leaves.

We walked along the paths, looked at turtles, climbed the HUGE observation tower, raced and chased each other through the hedge maze, and just really enjoyed each other's company. The kids slept very well that night.

We made an outing to the Columbus Zoo. We got there LATE so we did not have much time to be there. But we did see the African exhibit and wandered through the kangaroos at the Australia exhibit. We let Will and Lana play in the huge bug playground for awhile, but there were a LOT of kids and it was hard to keep track of them so we left that area sooner than they would have liked. Lana really wanted to see giraffes but the zoo did not have any that we could find. Ryan was being soft and the three of them rode on the old carousel. I personally don't care for carousels, they make me feel kind of sick (though I can ride roller coaster after roller coaster just fine). And an outing with daddy is never complete without ice cream!

Since Ryan was going to miss Alanna's birthday, he made sure to give her special presents before he left: cue all the My Little Pony toys... which she had to show her friends!
Our neighbor Phoebe checking out Lana's new ponies
Finally, on the last full day Ryan was with us, AFIT was holding their annual Egg Hunt. We were all there to experience this fun since hubby was going to miss Easter also.

Ryan really made the effort to spend that extra time with the kids... especially when they played at the park.

Surprisingly it wasn't too difficult with Ryan away. Because of the AFIT environment we had just came out of, the kids and I were still very much accustomed to not having daddy around all the time. And we were busy with our own schedules of therapy, school, church, and friends. Ryan kept great communication when he was gone and we talked on the phone nearly every night. Some things were harder... and the evenings were lonely... I definitely missed him and I know Will and Lana did too. I'm glad we are now back together under the same roof.

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