Saturday, July 12, 2014

4th of July 2014

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

We kept things pretty simple and didn't go anywhere to see fireworks. First off, we're still moving into our house so we are busy arranging and setting up our house for most of our open spare time. Secondly, we're new to the city and did not feel like tackling an unfamiliar area while dealing with major crowds in order to see a big fireworks show.

In the afternoon I picked up some fireworks at a nearby stand, got the kids dressed in their appropriate clothes and just had fun as a family.

I bought the morning glory sparklers thinking we would enjoy the multi color show... we did not. They were crap. From now on I will stick with the traditional, FUN, sparklers.

We kept our fireworks small... just a few fountains, smoke bombs, poppers... nothing that really flew up in the air.

It didn't matter... the kids were having a good time.

 We also realized we didn't need to go anywhere to see fireworks. Neighbors all around us were setting off larger fireworks so we could literally stand on the sidewalk outside our house, hang out on the back porch, or just watch from the upstairs windows and see displays going off all over.

Also over the weekend we took advantage of appliance sales going on at major retailers. When we first bought our house we knew we had to get a fridge -- there wasn't one in it. We figured all the other appliances were fine and we'd eventually replace them all over time; most likely next year.

Well, on day one we discover the microwave did not work properly. No big deal, we'd just use our regular one until we replaced it. Then the first time I use the stovetop I hear strange, not good, electrical sounding buzzing/popping coming from the back. We don't use that burner now... and don't feel safe with the stove. Then there's the dishwasher. It's nothing fancy, but I didn't care. What I did care about was the fact that it would only OCCASIONALLY wash the dishes. And even then it didn't do a good job.

So... we basically just bought all new appliances for our house this weekend... and that wasn't originally planned for in the budget. Blargh! But, buying them all together ended up saving us some cash. I look forward to them being installed in the next few weeks (especially since I think they are pretty!). Plus, if we sell the house or use it as a rental all the newer, stainless steel appliances should be a nice feature!

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