Monday, May 5, 2014

Hands Against Hunger 2014

Every year our church is involved in a HUGE family friendly project called Hands Against Hunger (previously Kids Against Hunger)  where people from the church, partnership churches from the city, and people from around the community work at various times over a 3-day period to pack fortified rice meals.

This year we sent over 600,000 meals to Swaziland and Zambia!

Our Sunday School group always goes together so Ryan and I were signed up to volunteer Sunday morning. I forget why now, but Ryan wasn't able to come with me that week. Was it working his thesis? Finals? He was sick? I don't remember.

After I dropped off Lana in her class, Will had seen the commotion happening and said he wanted to be a part of it. I realized he was old enough and would probably do well, so I brought him with me.

Every group has the same stations. There are the 4 ingredients: rice, fortified soy, vegetables, and vitamins/minerals. Then there are 2 people who hold the bags and hand them off to the next 2 people who weigh them so they are the correct weight. From there they are sealed by another person, then placed and counted. Once the correct number is reached (I think it was 40 bags) they are loaded into a box, secured, and put on a pallet to go on a huge truck.

It looks like this:

Will started out dumping in the veggies. He was okay at it, but after awhile he started slowing down.

From there we moved onto decorating boxes.

Finally we ended up at the stacking and counting section and I realized Will should have been here the whole time. He loved this part! Stacking bags, patting them flat, loading them in a box... totally up his alley!

It is always a fun time. People are in high spirits. Things move quickly and before you know it you've finished your shift! Once we were done we headed to the Connection Center to look at some of the booths from A Child's Hope International and we bought some t-shirts. When you purchase a shirt, a Hope Box is sent to a child in another country (in our case Zambia) with a matching shirt, one of the fortified rice meals, a special water purifier packet, a challenge newspaper, and any "appropriate and needed medicines".

I'm glad Will was able to participate with us. He probably doesn't really know what it was all about, but he had a good time. I'm thankful we have a church with such a heart to reach out and serve in so many different ways. CLC has been a wonderful church home for us while we have lived here. If you're ever in the Dayton area I highly recommend checking out Christian Life Center of Dayton... there's something there for everyone.

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  1. What an awesome ministry! That's pretty neat that Will helped out - a great way to teach him about helping others. :)