Friday, April 4, 2014

He Graduated

AFIT is OVER! I am so happy to finally be done with it. It has been a long, difficult road... but my husband has completed his Masters degree! He graduated!

I'm very proud of him!

My mother-in-law came to town to see his ceremony and be with the kids. Originally the plan was that Ryan and I would go out of town over the weekend while she was here, but he ended up getting sick so travel was booted out of the schedule. I was not happy, but what can you do? I mean, he almost skipped graduation!!! But in the end he was able to go.

The AFIT graduation ceremony was held at the Air Force Museum in the second hangar. Of course we had to park in BFE but luckily we caught a shuttle so we didn't have to walk a mile (in HIGH heels).

It was such a fun experience. Everything was set up, the students and faculty and staff came in. There were the obligatory speeches and, thankfully, none were boring! They were pretty quick with everything so we all weren't sitting around for hours on end.

Over 200 men and women received their Master's degrees and (if I remember right) nine received their PhDs. There were a couple civillians, 1 Navy guy, a few marines, and a handful of Army guys. Everybody else was Air Force.
Ryan crossing the stage, shaking hands with Colonel Lawrence (the Commandant and Vice Chancellor of AFIT).

After the ceremony, we met up and took our photos.
Ryan with his advisor. I think these two spent more time together over the past 8 months that I spent with my husband.
Although he was technically "done" with AFIT, he still wrapped up and organized a few things to hand off to his advisor on all the work he had done for the next student to take over.

Now we are kind of hanging around until we move. Nothing is set in stone yet... but it's coming soon.

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  1. Hi there! Someone recently directed me to this blog post because my fiancé was just accepted into AFIT to start this fall! We will be married by then, and I was just looking for someone to talk to who has experience with the program. My email is if you have time to talk about AFIT / Wright-Pat!

    Thanks so much!!