Friday, March 14, 2014

Will turns 6

Last week was William's 6th birthday.

What we have decided to do is trade off years for which kid gets a big birthday party. Last year Will had a fun glow theme party with a bunch of friends (which I now realize I never posted photos of... oops!). So this year we had a simple birthday celebration at home.

The day before his birthday I brought in cupcakes to share with his class and they sang "Happy Birthday" to him. I always enjoy doing that... I think it's because my birthday is in the summer so celebrating at school was not common.

Will picked out a little cake at the local store. After dinner he blew out his candles and we settled in for dessert. Then it was time for presents! Will picked out the Nerf gun for himself and Nana sent the fancy car race track. There were a couple other gifts as well. To end our night, Ryan had purchased Amazon's streaming copy of Frozen, so we all curled up together to watch the movie.

Sweet and simple. It was a fun bright spot in life.

What a joy this little guy is!

Dear William-

You are still the one to bring happiness and fun to my life. I love your clever mind and helpful spirit. You are such a blessing! I treasure your cuddles. I always desire to hear you laugh and see you smile. You work hard. Your sweet personality and abundance of energy are so special that others take notice. I love learning what is going on inside that interesting little mind of yours and see the world through your eyes. You are truly a gift! I look forward to the years ahead to share with you.

I love you,

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