Monday, March 24, 2014

Graduation Week

This is an important week ahead of us.

Several things I want to touch on (and I'm writing this over the weekend so it is possible on Monday things may change).

First: we STILL do not have orders. A couple weeks ago Ryan was given orders but they were incorrect. Now we are waiting for them to be fixed.

Second: Hubby graduates on THURSDAY! WHOO! He's finished. My mother-in-law comes in on Tuesday to be with us, attend the ceremony, and provide free childcare over the weekend so Ryan and I can celebrate the completion of AFIT, our anniversary, and just have a getaway. Right now Ryan has a Physical Fitness Test (PFT) scheduled for the day of graduation... so there's still that to be finished with.

Third: We have no idea what the next couple months hold for us. Ryan has been working to get casual status and stay in Ohio with us until the end of the kids' school year. He has been in communication with his incoming commander who has okay'ed him staying here. There is work for him to do at AFIT and possibly even a conference to attend! Will's developmental pediatrician has written an awesome letter stating why Will should stay so that hopefully can encourage EFMP to sign off for Ryan to stick around. There's another office that also has to sign off, but as of Friday they weren't exactly giving positive words to Ryan. So, who knows?! Ryan could stick around until June... or he could be leaving us within 2 weeks... or we could all be moving within the month... or...??? I don't know.

Fourth: Alanna had her appointment with gastroenterology a couple weeks ago at the Children's Hospital. After going through everything with the specialist we learned nothing and they wanted more testing done. Let me tell you... I despise having to collect stool samples. The gastroenterology office got back to us about the results and it was positive for blood in the stool. Not a good thing. Now we have to collect more samples (not fun) and they are looking at Inflammatory Bowel Disease (also Crone's and Colitis). Poor kid. I hope we find some answers soon.

Fifth: I am better now but last week I was knocked out hard by strep. It sucked. I was so, so sick and since hubby was busy with finals it was up to me to survive, get the kids where they needed to go, and try to take care of anything important. Oh my gosh... it was awful! I even had to take Will to a well-child checkup right after I had the positive strep test and the airmen were giving me quite a few concerned looks. Almost passing out in the pediatric office wasn't that great either. But, like I said, I'm nearly back to normal now and look forward to finishing up my antibiotics in the next week.

That's what's going on around here. I am happy to report that the weather has been warming up and my flowers are all sprouting out of the ground. It's lovely to be able to walk from the house to the car and not have to be all bundled up... stupid polar vortex. As we near the end of our time in Ohio I can't say I'll miss the weather.


  1. Good luck with all the change, orders, and EFMP stuff! Prayers for your family as you figure out what's going to happen. And congrats on graduations and anniversaries!

  2. You guys made it!!! Yay!!! Congratulations to both of you! :D I hope that you and Ryan have a wonderful getaway together. I"ll be praying that Ryan can stay with you until school gets out and that you get your orders soon (and they say that Ryan can stay). :)