Saturday, February 1, 2014


For those who know Ryan and I in person, it is no surprise to learn that we aren't really all that into professional sports. We will occasionally turn on a game if we're interested in the team and only watch bits and pieces.

This goes for pretty much all sports: baseball, football, soccer, basketball.

Except the Olympics. Man, when those are on that's all my tv is tuned into.

When people ask what team we root for my reply has always been that we are default Seattle fans. That's where we're from, that's who we support. I remember the Mariners from the mid-nineties... those were the good days. And I have been trying ever so hard to get to a Sounders game! Even had tickets once, but then the horrible eye incident happened. We won't talk about the Sonics... *ahem*. The difference is with college teams; we choose Oregon.

So of course we cheer for the Seahawks.

We watched the last Superbowl the Hawks were in while living in Japan. They were cheated out of that win!

Whatever season of athletics the year is in we do sort of keep tabs on how our home teams are doing. We've been very happy for our Seahawks and proud of them. Not that we're jumping on a band wagon because we aren't even on it. They are our team and we cheer for them. That's about it.

It was surprising when we went home for Christmas to see all the crazy 12th Man stuff going on. I actually had to look up what it meant! I don't ever remember there being this much support for the Seahawks in the past. In fact, when the Kingdome was going to be torn down to build 2 (TWO!) stadiums I remember the grumbling of people saying the Seahawks didn't deserve a stadium for how badly they had been playing.

But I get it now. Seattle is proud of their team.

I know who we will be cheering for when the game comes on! Go get 'em Hawks! Play a good game!

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