Thursday, February 27, 2014

Silver Teeth

William had his dental procedure at Dayton Children's Hospital this past Monday.

Everything went well, thankfully.

We were all checked in, paperwork in place, met with the dentist and anesthesiologist, and Will was playing it cool and relaxed.
They took him back to the operating room and within about 10 minutes the dentist called me. William took to the  anesthesia wonderfully. They had done x-rays and found a couple more small cavities... would I like them to take care of those also?

Yes yes! He is out and you have him there, it's not like cavities will get smaller.

I hung out in Will's room waiting for his return and passed the time trolling through the humor category on Pinterest. I am sure people on the floor were a bit weirded out by a woman cracking up laughing while sitting alone in a hospital room with no bed.

Eventually a nurse came in and told me they were all done and Will was in recovery while they waited for him to wake up.

The dentist returned and showed me the X-rays and talked about what they did. The one cavity Will was there for originally was pretty deep... the dentist could see the nerve. He told me he did some pulp therapy to help the tooth and gums then put on the crown. He did 2 more crowns on the other teeth with cavities as well as sealed Will's other molars to prevent more cavities.

Will returned to his room in a grumpy mood. Everything in his world was awful, apparently. The nurses offered him juice, which he angrily declined. Then a minute later he was in indignant tears asking where his juice was. When the nurses asked him if he hurt anywhere so they could gauge his pain and discomfort level to administer meds if needed he cried, "no!" And turned over, pulling the blanket over his head.
They said his attitude would probably continue for a few hours until the drugs were out of his system.

So... Will did not attend school. He missed picture day. He was cranky at home with me. Later on he did get back to his regular self.

He was annoyed by the change in his teeth and even tried to take the crowns off, to no avail.

Now, a few days later Will is fine. He willingly shows off his "new teeth" and he gladly comes running to get his teeth brushed in the morning so the dentist won't have to give him more silver teeth.


  1. Glad everything went well and you were able to get him in on time before his birthday! And the added plus of willful teeth brushing :)

  2. I'm so glad that everything went well! I'm glad they were able to take care of all of Will's cavities at the same time too. :)