Monday, January 13, 2014

Stitches Not Included

We had a not so great experience the other day.

While leaving the YMCA, Lana was skipping ahead, hands in her pockets, and being silly while walking... and then fell straight onto the tile floor chin first.

I could tell by her immediate cry that she was truly hurt so I go to investigate and when she raised her head to point at her chin a gaping hole appeared. I rushed her into the bathroom before blood got everywhere. I cleaned it up with water then criss-crossed 2 large band aids over it (I'm a mommy... I always keep band aids on me).

It looks like when she fell she hit the side of the tile where it meets the grout and it literally slit her like it was a box cutter. It was deep! But when her head was down or straight ahead the cut seemed to stay closed. Only when she lifted her face up was the wound open.

After her initial tears and cries I was able to get her to calm down. Blood doesn't bother me so she could see that it wasn't a big deal if mommy was okay.

We were on our way to Will's therapy appointment and Lana actually had a doctor's appointment rescheduled for that afternoon for some other issue, so I decided to just continue with our schedule and have the doc look at the wound while at her appointment. I didn't want to go to urgent care and sit around forever if we didn't have to.

So... 4 hours after the incident we show up at the Pediatric Clinic. I ask if the Major can look at her chin while we were there and let me know if we should go over and get stitches or if she's fine the way she is and allow her to heal on her own. Well, she looks Alanna over and decides that they will clean it out, push back in the little bit of fat tissue that was coming out, and just glue the wound together. That way it will prevent the cut from getting bigger, hopefully prevent infection, and make it easier for it to heal from the inside.

Then suddenly 4 airmen come into the room to hold her down, put her wound together and glue it. Alanna did not like that part. She told them they were hurting her... because the super glue stings.

They didn't do the best job. The Major looked over their work and I could tell she wasn't thrilled that it didn't turn out the way she expected. Oh well. She will heal. She will have a scar. That's life.

The area is still tender but she doesn't mind showing it off. I'm just glad everything worked out and she's on the mend... no stitches necessary!


  1. awwww poor thing! How nice that you already had an appointment!

  2. Poor Lana! :( That just hurts looking at it. I'm sorry she had to go through the Airmen holding her down like that, that's terrible :( I'm glad you were able to keep a cool head though! :)