Saturday, January 11, 2014

It's almost done

We are down to DAYS, people. Just a few more days before my husband has to turn in his thesis!

He's worked very hard. We have hardly seen him.

I can't wait for it to be over and he can re-join family life.

This assignment has been extremely difficult. Already we have seen marriages around us crumble with the additional stress AFIT brings to a family.

2 and a half months... and then graduation.

The end is in sight!

Yesterday I picked up the stack of papers needed for the EFMP board. Not looking forward to getting them all filled out... but it is necessary before our orders can be cut.

It's a little surreal that this phantom date has suddenly arrived. A lot of semi-important decisions and life changes have been put off until "after the thesis is turned in." Next week. Next week... then hubby will probably need a couple days to recover from this crazy, all nighters, frustrating finale.

After it's turned in he's not magically done with AFIT. In fact he still has a last quarter of classes (with homework) and he'll touch up his thesis in preparation to do his defense in a short time. BUT HE SHOULD BE HOME!

I've spent my lonely evenings curled up with Netflix. My mind already feels numb.

I just chant to myself, "it's almost done, it's almost done, it's almost done..."

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  1. You're almost there! You guys have come a super long way over a rough road, but you're almost there! Hang in there! I know you're been an amazing support to Ryan and a super awesome Mom to the kids while he's been going through school. They should give you a medal! :D