Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Farewell 101 in 1001

This is my last post on my 101 in 1001. I will remove the separate page soon.

In my opinion my list was a failure. I had big plans when this was made. What was NOT in my plans was a PCS that occurred about a year early that gave me a move across country. And the assignment we went to really limited my travelling goals as well as throw a whole bunch of crazy into what I was originally planning to do. Things that were once important and I could plan and think about were no longer a priority.

At first I tried to take it in stride and update goals. But with Ryan not around much and I'm dealing with the kids alone and we have other feeding/therapy/doctor goals a lot of these goals fell by the wayside. In addition to that: I totally forgot about it.

That's why I'm finally getting to review almost a year AFTER it ended. Oops! Maybe after we PCS again I will revisit the 101 in 1001 - create a new list and try to actually do all of it!

So here it is. I missed 44 of them... 66/100 is better than half...


I’ve seen 101 Goals in 1001 Days on several different blogs so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make some for myself. In my daily life I use lists anyway, so this might give me more incentive to get things done I want to do. With a set time limit I hope to finish much of my list… and some of these things I’ve wanted to do for a long time, while others are opportunities I want to grab onto while living in New Mexico.

If you want to do it too you just create a list of 101 measurable, clearly defined tasks and try to achieve them in 1001 days (2.75) years. You can find out more info at

Items that have been finished are crossed out and have a completion date

Some items that are "in process" will be in italics.

Check out any links to see what happened!

***NOTE: due to a PCS and travel arrangements I had to make adjustments to places that I no longer have access to. The genuine spirit of the goal is still there, but altered to a new location. Changes are designated with asterisks.***

101 in 1001

Start Date: 1 September 2010
End Date: 29 May 2013

1. Actually finish a workout plan (P90X, Couch to 5k, Insanity, etc.)
2. Attempt snowboarding
3. Attend Baseball game with Fireworks*
4. Be a vegetarian for 2 weeks straight
5. Bungee Jump
6. Buy a car 10/31/10
7. Buy boots 11/28/12
8. Change the design of our holiday mail-out December 2010
9. Go to the Creation Museum* 12/22/12
10. Complete and order my Japan photo album
11. Completely grow out my bangs
12. Crochet a blanket
13. Decide on a Master's Degree
14. Decorate our bedroom
15. Do a cross stitch project
16. Donate $1 to charity for every goal not completed on this list
17. Donate blood at least 3 times (0/3)
18. Dye my hair blonde (I can always dye it back)
19. Eat lunch at a tavern/bar*
20. Eat breakfast every day for a month
21. Enroll both kids in swim lessons 7/9/12
22. Find a school to get my Masters Degree at
23. Finish the big quilt started 7 years ago
24. Finish the kids' room
25. Get a Brazilian wax
26. Get a facial
27. Get a Family Name wood sign for outside
28. Get a massage 5/4/12
29. Get a pair of moccassins
30. Get Alanna a passport
31. Get CPR certified
32. Get family photos taken at least once a year (3/3)
33. Go Camping*
34. Go clamdigging
35. Go kayaking/canoeing
36. Go on a bike ride
37. Go on a picnic 9/14/12 (there were a lot, but I'll just document one)
38. Go to a driving range
39. Go to a New Mexico corn maze 10/23/10
40. Go to a waterpark
41. Go to another country 9/14/12
42. Go to Carlsbad Caverns 3/31/12
43. Go to Pennsylvania* 9/15/12
44. Go to a casino
45. Go to Santa Fe 11/26/10
46. Go to Kentucky*
47. Go to the Petrogylphs 7/30/11
48. Grow something from a seed 3/17/11
49. Hand embroider pillows for my kids
50. Hang out with somebody we knew in Japan
51. Have 30 followers on my blog (30/30) 1/28/11
52. Have a game night at our house
53. Have a makeup makeover
54. Keep up with all the homework for a Bible Study 5/11/11
55. Make a special craft tradition for major holidays with the kids (Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas)
56. Make enchiladas from scratch  
57. Make jam from scratch
58. Make monster cookies
59. Make Pizza from scratch
60. Meet one of my fellow bloggers 12/21/10
61. Pay for a stranger's coffee
62. Pay off Student Loans
63. Pick out pumpkins from a pumpkin patch 10/23/10
64. Read 10 books (10/10) 7/5/11
65. Read the entire Bible again (40/66)
66. Ride a horse again 9/12/10
67. Ride a train 7/9/11
68. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
69. Ride on a motorcycle
70. Ride the Sandia Tramway 3/18/11
71. See "Wicked" 2/9/11
72. See an Major League Soccer game
73. See family in Colorado 9/2-4/11
74. See the After-Glow Fireworks at the Balloon Fiesta 10/8/10
75. See the Mass Ascension at the Balloon Fiesta 10/10/10
76. See the Rocky Mountains
77. Send 5 "thinking of you" cards to friends or family (5/5)
78. Sew a cute dress for myself to wear
79. Sew pajama pants for all my siblings (1/3)
80. Sing a solo 12/15/10
81. Skydive
82. Take a cooking class
83. Take the kids to the beach
84. Tile something, like a backsplash or countertop
85. Tour a professional baseball field*
86. Transfer/organize all photos/video to designated place*
87. Try 10 different restaurants we've never gone to (10/10)
88. Try 3 seasonal latte flavors from Starbucks (3/3)
89. Try cooking/baking a new recipe every month (33/33)
90. Try green chili
91. Try lobster
92. Try red chili
93. Visit New York City*
94. Visit Washington, D.C.*
95. Visit sister in California 5/28/11
96. Visit the Four Corners 11/2/10
97. Visit the the Wright Brothers Sites*
98. Watch 26 movies I've never seen beginning with each letter of the alphabet (26/26)
99. Work on a play 
100. Write a letter to our sponsor child 4 times a year (12/12)
101. Write a real letter to 5 friends instead of e-mails/facebook (5/5)


  1. Those darn moves ruin everything! Same thing happened to me. :(

  2. Don't feel too bad - you did WAY better than I did! I think it was something fun to do and it did get me motivated to see areas of NM that might not otherwise have seen. I hear you on real life cropping up and you're right to prioritize as you did. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. :) Way to go 66/101! :D