Friday, January 17, 2014

Disney on Ice

We had a great family experience a few months ago. Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic was in town and we bought tickets to go.

It was so much fun! Our seats were excellent and the kids were really into it. Even the adults loved it! Of course all the food/snacks/drinks were horribly overpriced... but that didn't stop us from enjoying some of them.

The show had all the great characters and favorite princesses. Buzz, Woody, and Jesse as well as Jiminy Cricket, Mickey Mouse and the crew... even It's A Small World!
Will was sucked into all the sights, lights, and movement. He found the actual ice skating very interesting. Lana just adored the whole thing. Princesses?! Ice skating?! Everything was beautiful to her and she wanted to ice skate too.

I'm happy we had the opportunity to see the performance. I'd even be willing to attend another Disney on Ice show. But what this really brought to light for me is that my kids really need to experience Disneyland! Maybe I can save up and plan to take them in a couple years.

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