Monday, January 27, 2014

Cold, Poop, and PCS

Happy Monday.

Sort of.

It's freezing here! Again. I am so over all this cold and that un-called for Polar Vortex. Single digits? Double digit negatives with wind chill? No. Thank. You.

It has only hindered life somewhat. We don't really play outside. We don't get out as much. And when we do get out we take our time and stay as long as possible. For example: Going to the YMCA for swim lessons? Let's just hang out for an additional hour or two playing in the family gym room.

Anyway, it should be no surprise to you that I have a bunch of posts to catch up on. From December. And January.

I don't know what my problem is. I get all caught up and then fall to pieces. Oh well. Such is life.

In the mean time, while those posts are still getting put together, I'll let you in on what's happening in our current events.

Our little girl has been dealing with some... umm... "number 2" issues for the better part of a year. We finally got fed up with it and took her to a doctor because we assumed SOMETHING must be going on. I talked with the PCM and we discussed diet, the fact that we tried gluten free and casein free with no change, and some consistency stuff. Conclusion? Bring a stool sample. (Gross!)

I was called about a week later with results. Something we were thinking was a possibility after speaking to the doctor came out to be positive. She shows some mal-absorption issues. There were other terms tossed out that I didn't fully understand but basically they want us to bring her back in for a blood test. They want to check for a certain type of anemia and something else that I can't remember. The lab person told me they think this issue could have a food trigger... like her body can't handle or process a certain ingredient or ingredients.


So we're taking her back in and see what happens.

Ryan and I talked about it and we realized that with all the testing Will has had done, he has never had a stool sample. He also deals with digestive issues, but the opposite of what Alanna has. Ryan wanted to bring him back in and have the same tests done for him. So now we will see what comes from that as well.

Additionally, we are working on getting all the EFMP paperwork done. It's all turned in and now we wait for an appointment with the board. Then more waiting while the paperwork is sent to the incoming base to approve. Then orders. THEN we can move forward with the PCS process.

I'm already getting the "move twitch"... I want to clean and organize but I realize the futility of it all since within 5 months everything will be packed up. So then I want to start packing everything up myself, or purging, or detailing everything we have stored away for better organization.

Oh my gosh. I just read over that paragraph and I think I sound completely neurotic. Please tell me I'm not crazy.

Hopefully posting something here will break me out of my writer's block and light the fire under me to finish my posts from Christmas and recent happenings. Stay tuned!


  1. You're definitely not crazy about that needing to organize, clean, etc paragraph. Totally normal if your mil-spouse! :)

    P.S. If you find that fire to get writing, please send some over this way . .. . I'm so behind as well!

  2. We are selling our house, but staying at the current assignment for at least 6 more months. I'm torn between packing (because we'll be temporarily downsizing to an apartment) for when we do sell the house and not wanting to live in an empty house if our house doesn't sell quickly. So, I feel your pain. Good luck with your babies health stuff!!