Monday, December 16, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Before Christmas is completely upon us I should write about Thanksgiving!

I was pretty much caught up on my blogging during the month of November... then Thanksgiving actually happened and I fell off the writing wagon yet again.

This year's Thanksgiving was, surprisingly, relaxing. We were invited over to a friend's home and we were happy to go... especially since I did not have to cook a turkey this year. It can be difficult not being "home" for a big holiday but I recently realized that it has been almost a decade since I've spent Thanksgiving with extended family. Our Thanksgivings are usually spent with local friends who are in the same situation we are -- far from home.

In the morning we took things easy and I did prepare a few dishes we would be bringing. Of course we also had the parade on for the Will and Lana to watch (what little bit they did choose to watch).

Then when it was time to get ready we made sure to have somewhat coordinating outfits because we were going to take a family photo to send out for Christmas cards. Originally I had set up a shoot date with a local photographer a couple weeks prior at one of the local parks, but when my grandfather passed away and I flew home for the funeral, I had to cancel. Once I came back it became so freakin' cold in Dayton that I didn't really want to spend a lot of time outside.

Anyway, we arrived at Allyssa and Josh's house and got the photos out of the way (in front of their nice fireplace) and the kids went off to play with the other kids. We all stood/sat around and socialized while finishing up the preparation for food. Some other friends, Bekah and Eddie, were there as well.

Everyone enjoyed an easy meal, conversation flowed, laughter. It was just nice.

After eating we transitioned out of the dining room so we could play a couple games. Well, a few of us did. Josh and Ryan just laid back and relaxed... the rest of us played Catchphrase and Headbands.

Before it got late we headed home to finish unwinding and get Will and Lana to bed. No Thanksgiving night shopping for me! But I did go out around 9 the next morning to pick up a few items.

That pretty much wraps up our Thanksgiving. It was easy. It was simple. It wasn't stressful.

I was and am thankful for my family and good Air Force friends.

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