Sunday, December 22, 2013

Neighborhood Family Christmas Party

Last year people in our neighborhood got together and we had a Christmas party. It was busy, LOUD, and a bit overwhelming. But the kids all had fun.

This year I happened to need to make a reservation at the Clubhouse for something and while there I learned there were only 2 more available days left in the month of December... so I grabbed one of the dates. Then I told my next door neighbor about it. Did we want to do a Christmas party again for the neighborhood kids? She said yes. Many others said yes.

So the Christmas Party was planned. I really didn't plan anything -- I was busy with the AFIT Holiday Ball and then when my grandfather passed away I totally missed the big decisions about the party.

We all agreed on the children doing a book exchange. Names were drawn and each child picked a book the other child would like.

The actual party was fun! A Christmas story was read to the kids.

There were cookies to decorate and eat.

And of course there were the gifts to open.
It seemed like all the children had a great time. I'm glad we could participate!

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