Saturday, December 14, 2013

AFIT Holiday Ball 2013

It's finally over!

After planning since March on the AFIT Spouses board, the AFIT Holiday Ball took place and was a success!

It was a lot of work, long hours (especially nearing the end), and stressful putting everything together. But it all did come together! What a fun night!

The ball took place at the Club on base. We had it all decorated with center pieces the board members created. Each person left with a special etched glass. And my job was to make the programs for everybody at the tables.

Our table... I actually made that centerpiece
We also had a raffle with almost 30 prizes to be won by the end of the night. All the proceeds of those ticket sales were to be given to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund in honor of the wife of the chancellor who passed away earlier this year. She was a lovely woman; so warm and friendly. She treated us all like family and we were all so sad to have her go.

The socialization was great. I made sure to sit at a table with friends but also with husbands whom Ryan would be comfortable to be with and have plenty to talk about. So we had a fellow masters physicist, a PhD physicist, and a nuclear engineer.
Rie Ann and Matt
Lindsay and Sam
Katie and Joel
Ryan and I looked great too!

It's fun to get dressed up every once in awhile.

When it came time to eat we were happy with how it worked out. Each table was dismissed by a Christmas song (no dreary table numbers being announced by the DJ). Guests just listened and chatted and when they heard their table song they headed to the buffet.

Then after food the announcements and recognitions took place. Board members were recognized. Some people spoke briefly. And finally we got to drawing the raffle winners.

Obligatory photos also occurred.

AFIT Spouses Board: Katie, Bekah, Shannon, Chelsea, Me, Jessica, Allyssa, Diana, Rie Ann, Lindsay
Husbands of the Spouses with the Chancellor (though Sam ducked out!)

Then came time for dancing. That was a blast! Most of us commented that it turned into a middle school party because a majority of the men stayed behind at the tables. It was obvious that all of our brilliant husbands did not feel they had the appropriate skill set to dance the night away... so the wives just got together and had a fun time. All the popular group dances were played (of course). It was a blast! A great way to celebrate the completion of such hard work and planning.

Me and Allyssa
Me and Stacey
On the dance floor

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