Thursday, November 14, 2013

Women of Faith Columbus 2013

Since I'm so far behind on all the things that happened over the summer through now I'll try to intersperse current things with what happened before.

Back in the beginning of August a few of my friends and I attended the Women of Faith Conference in Columbus. It was so nice for all of us to take a small break from family and mommy life to spend time with other Christian women and experiencing God.
Me, Christina, Cindy, Amber
We had some great worship time with Gateway Worship. I kind of wish I had bought their CD, but then again, I'm sure I can find them on iTunes.

There were several speakers. On Friday night Mark Lowry spoke and he was very funny and entertaining, but the highlight for me was Jamie Grace. She was so darn cute! What an awesome testimony (especially for the younger generation) and such talent! After her, Cece Winans came on the stage and rocked the place. After the performance was over, my friends and I were able to briefly meet Ms. Jamie. Such a sweetie.

On Saturday we had more good times. I was FINALLY able to hear Angie Smith speak! I'd been wanting to hear her in person since I began reading her blog years ago. She did not disappoint. If you've never heard her testimony I highly encourage to check out her website and maybe even purchase her books.

Our other speakers were Sheila Walsh (amazing!) and Lisa Harper (also great!).
Sheila Walsh and Lisa Harper on stage
My surprise enjoyment was Liz Curtis Higgs. What an awesome personality! I immediately wanted to become her friend or at least have her as a mentor. She's funny. She's insightful. She has wisdom to share! And she had just come out with a new book on Ruth that I just had to get (which I've now finished reading and LOVED). Now I want to get my hands on her book Bad Girls of the Bible.

Another highlight? Third Day performed! And what was so great is that their live performance sounds like they sound on radio. Great pitch. Just so much to enjoy!

After all the speakers, performers, breaks, and such they ended the conference with a bunch of media pieces. There was a Sand Art performance recording by Joe Castillo. We got to see some extra things from miniseries The Bible. Additionally, we were able to get a sneak, extended theatrical trailer about the upcoming movie Noah which is to come out in March. It looks good. I just hope they stick to the Biblical story.

It was a great time. I'm so glad I was able to go and experience a Women of Faith Conference. I hope to go again next year!

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