Monday, November 18, 2013

When School Started

In August, the schools in our area started.

This year, BOTH of my kiddos were part of that "back to school" anticipation that hits every fall.

If you remember my post from February, you will recall that we decided to keep William back in preschool for an extra year. The boost for his educational skills and therapies was worth it to us.

This year Alanna also started preschool.

Both kids, in school. They love it!

And you know what? So do I!

William has a great, young teacher who he did work with a little bit the previous year. Alanna was able to get the sweet teacher Will had last year.

It was a difficult transition for Will. I did take him to the school several days before classes started and introduced him to his teacher and his new classroom - he was very unsure about all of it. And once school actually started he did not like that his sister got to go to his old class!

Alanna's transition was overall good, but she had a hard time learning that she does not get to pick the schedule and not everything revolves around her. Her first day she came home with a BLUE day - the worst color on the behavior chart.

By about 3 weeks in we all got into the rhythm. I am seeing amazing results in both children. They usually have GREEN days (the best color on the behavior chart). They like to share the work they did in school and tell me what they've learned.

Though they are not in the same class, occasionally Will and Lana will see each other during the school day either in passing, during gym time, or outside play time. The teachers and aides all tell me that it is the sweetest thing to see -- both of them get so happy, smile, and can't wait to give each other a hug. These are two kids with a strong bond.

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  1. I'm so glad your kids are doing well! Such a fun update. I hope my (eventual) kids love each other that much. My sister and I ignored each other at school for the most part. Happy Monday Sierra, hope you have a great week.

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