Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Summer Wrap Up (Finally)

Now it's time for a majorly overdue summer wrap up. [Warning: Photo overload ahead!]
Like most people with young kids, we spent plenty of time at the local splash parks. For awhile the kids and I could be found weekly at our favorite one.
We played outside.

We spent some time at the great metroparks Dayton has to offer.
Back in May, housing hosted a Pet Appreciation Day. We brought Maya and checked out what they had to offer. Will saw all the kittens available for adoption and really wanted to bring one home. Both kids got simple face paintings. And many people were attracted to our cute, little dog.
For the Fourth of July, housing was hosting a celebration. It actually took place the weekend before the 4th. There was plenty for families to do. There were goats to pet and a horse to ride. Even free food. Will and Lana's favorite part was the bouncy houses, especially the waterslide one. Unfortunately, the bigger kids were getting involved on the waterslide one and it was no longer safe for my little ones to be on there. So we wandered off and met up with some of our friends to listen to the live music.
Then the thunderstorm came and we all headed off to avoid the lightening and downpour.
Later that night, after the skies cleared and the sun went down, fireworks were set off near the Air Force Museum. Since Will was still awake, I brought him into the room and he was able to catch glimpses of the fireworks above rooftops from our window.
The actual day of the 4th of July ended up being a disaster. It was just a bad day. We had recently started our journey of being gluten-free. The kids were constantly fighting. They threw a fit at Chick-fil-a over their food so I walked out of the restaurant dragging screaming kids behind me. We had to go to a grocery store to pick up some food... and Lana had a major accident in her pants. By the time evening came around I wanted to run away.
In August our church Sunday School group came together for some fun and fellowship at Gathering of the Geezers. It's basically a bunch of cars on display and some racing. We had a nice time chatting and then watched some racing (with our ear plugs). Overall, fun family time.

 OKay. If you're still reading and seeing photos you have come to the end. Wow. That's the wrap up of summer! Hope you had an eventful one as well.

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  1. what a fun summer! i wish we had anything like a splash park here OR a yard!