Friday, November 22, 2013

Oh yeah, I had a birthday!

A few months ago (umm... JULY) I celebrated my 28th birthday. It's weird to think that I'm almost 30, because I really don't feel that old. Then again, when I meet and spend a little bit of time with women in their early-20's I realize that, yes... I really am my age.
For my birthday we were keeping it pretty low key. Ryan, of course, had school but since it was summer I was not going to spend my entire day with the kids alone at home. So we went to Young's Dairy Farm.
We hadn't been there since the 4th of July last year!
It ended up being a good day to go. Although it was hot it was not overwhelmingly humid.
The kids played on the tractors and we pet the goats. They of course loved the goats. And with all the goat food scattered on the ground I really didn't have to spend money to get more of those pellets.

After the goats we headed into the barn to look at some baby goats, sheep, see the jersey cows, and a couple pigs.

Will said his favorite part was the pigs... but I believe it was watching the guy on the truck tossing the hay on the belt to be brought into the loft.

Out of the barn Will and Lana were able to jump onto the tractor bumpy ride (in oil drum carts).

After running and exploring some more of the grounds we went inside to get our ice cream, which we then enjoyed outside. Yummy!
While we were playing in the grassy area and the play area, Lana decided she wanted to play with her rubber duck that we had brought with us. It had been sitting nicely in her backpack until then. So I took it out. While playing with the goats again she apparently forgot about that duck she SO NEEDED just a few minutes prior.

This picture has the last sighting of the duck.
We did another round by the goats and into the barn. Then headed back to the van. About that time Lana realized she no longer had her duck. Tough luck baby...

One of my gifts from Ryan was an adorable flower arrangement. Even the kids thought it was great.

After Ryan got home we decided to go out to eat as a family and I chose Red Robin. It was fun to just hang out. The kids were behaving, we were being a little silly. Ryan told the waitress it was my birthday so they came over to sing and give me a special sundae (which I shared with Will and Lana).

There was no need for a birthday cake. Most of the time our birthday cakes end up half eaten, and after sitting in the fridge forever they land in the trash. I was happy with my sundae!

A successful birthday overall I say. I was happy. I felt loved. It was nice to be with my family. Only one more left before I hit the big 3-0!

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